Top 10 Tourist Spots to Visit in Bohol, Philippines

If you are planning to take a break from the stressful and noisy city life, then the beautiful island of Bohol is absolutely a perfect place for you to visit. I’m a boholana and I know you might find my first statement a biased opinion but try visiting Bohol and you’ll see what I mean. *wink.

This peaceful island is located in Central Visayas in the central region of the Philippines. There are over 1 Million people living here and Tagbilaran City is its capital city. You can come here via sea or air travel. The airplane trip from Manila will only take about one hour while sea travel will consume almost 1 and a half days.

If you happen to visit Bohol, the following are my top tourist spots that you may want to include in your travel list.

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Exploring Isola di Francesco

Panglao Island is known for its beautiful small islands such as the famous Balicasag Island, Gak-ang, and Puntod or which is now called as Isola di Francesco. Isola di Francesco was first known to travelers as Bohol Virgin Island and it’s a place of meditation and reflection owned by the Philippine Center of St. Pio of Pietrelcina.

I’ve been to this island two times already, the first one was with my sister, and the latest one was with the JaVaMay gang which you can read our whole Bohol adventure in this post. It pretty much covered some basics on how to get there, but for this article, I’m going to dig deeper and talk more about this amazing island with more pictures ofcourse, yay!

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JaVaMay Travel Series: Bohol, Philippines

For today’s travel post, I’m going to introduce to you the newest travel series that I will be featuring here in Blushing Geek starting today, the JaVaMay travel series! It came from: Ja from Janine, Va from Vanessa and ofcourse May for May. Our trio name started when we were in College (can also be shorten to JVM) and we still love use it ’til now. Aside from programming, our common interest is traveling. We had our personal blog before which caters our travels but because of the hectic schedule and most of us were lazy, we weren’t able to keep the blog updated. And since I’m the only one who still blogs, the writing was somewhat passed to me, aside ofcourse for being the group’s photographer lol.

For 2017, we all decided to go to my hometown, Bohol. Our first plan was actually to go to Ilocos but because we failed to secure promo plane tickets, they decided to come with me in Bohol instead. Since it’s my hometown, the planning task was given to me, luckily I have an aunt who have a lot of connections.

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Camugao Falls, The Hidden Gem of Balilihan Bohol

For today’s adventure, I’m going to introduce to you one of Balilihan’s premier attractions, the Camugao Falls. Read here to know more about the municipality of Balilihan.

The Camugao Falls is situated at Barangay San Isidro in the municipality of Balilihan, which is about 22 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. This hidden gem has a beautiful backdrop of green and lush vegetation with lots of ferns and other tropical plants. The water cascades into a basin forming a natural pool where people can bathe and refresh themselves. But before you see this wonderful gem, one has to go thru a very slippery, mossy and rocky trail which is a challenge for climbers and trekkers.

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Mag-aso Falls, Antequera Bohol

*the picture was taken after the 2013 Bohol earthquake so the structure of the falls is somewhat altered. Also, this year, Philippines suffered El Nino so maybe that’s the reason behind the one active waterfall instead of two.

Mag-aso Falls is one of Bohol’s natural treasures. It’s an eight-meter twin waterfalls that situated at the bottom of a deep gorge. It has this magical turquoise water surrounded by tall trees and wild plants including giant ferns. Unlike other highly developed falls, Mag-aso Falls has no sounds except the roaring water which makes this place meditative, calm and very natural.

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