Japanese Self-Studying Updates (Lessons 1-8) | Blushing Geek

Japanese Self-Study Updates (Lessons 40 and 41)

Konnichiwa minna-san! I’m finally back with my weekly updates for my Japanese self-study and I’m really excited to share with you guys what I am learning for this week. So last week, I spent reviewing all 39 lessons that I did last year just to make sure that I’m still in the right path, lol. Although there were some Japanese…

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My Experience Self-Studying Japanese | Blushing Geek

My Experience Self-Studying Japanese

Konnichiwa minna-san! As I’ve mentioned in my previous article, I am finally taking on new Japanese lessons starting this month. But before that, I decided to create this short “poorly” edited video talking about my experience learning Japanese. I know I made a promise about creating a video update for my Japanese self-study, but after thinking about it for a…

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What’s Your Weird Reading Habits? | Blushing Geek

What’s Your Weird Reading Habits?

What’s your weird reading habits? Do you have one? Everyone has their own weird side, especially when it comes to our hobbies, which is (obviously) reading books. Don’t you agree? I love weird, so for this week’s geeky discussion, I would like to tap into that weirdness and let’s make the whole world know, *wink.

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The Geek is Back + Life Updates | Blushing Geek

The Geek is Back + Life Updates

Konnichiwa minna-san! It’s been so long but I’m finally back in the blog! I really missed you guys. I hope all of you are having a blast in this National Doughnut Day! As you can remember, I dropped an unexpected message in both my Twitter and Facebook accounts about going on hiatus 16 days ago because of some personal matter…

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