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13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

13 Reasons Why I Love Japan

As a kid, I’m always been fascinated with Japan. I’ve been hearing a lot of beautiful things about this country, not just with its world class tourist attractions and technology but with their rich culture. Lately, I’ve been more eager to learn more about the country, been studying the language, reading some free materials online about the country, watching and…

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Spending Summer in Boracay Island | Blushing Geek

Spending Summer in Boracay Island

Since last January, I’ve been saving like crazy for my 2017 summer travel goal which was to tour the whole southern part of Cebu. But all of my plans were cancelled (for a while I hope) after receiving a message from my aunt. If you have read my about page, you will likely know that I pretty much suck when…

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6 Things You Can Do in Dalaguete Cebu | Blushing Geek

6 Things You Can Do in Dalaguete Cebu

Dalaguete is a municipality in the southeast part of the province of Cebu and is about 86 kilometers away from the city. Dalaguete is considered as the “Summer Capital of Cebu”, the “Vegetable Basket of Cebu” and the “Little Baguio of Cebu”. Aside from its cooler climate, Dalaguete is the best place for adventure, to see amazing green scenery and…

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Ingkumhan Falls in Dimiao Bohol | Blushing Geek

Ingkumhan Falls in Dimiao Bohol

Before the start of the Holy week, the gang decided to visit Ingkumhan Falls which is all the way to Dimiao. Our folks live in Cortes so it’s going to be a very long journey. And it sure was! But after seeing the place and noticing how other tourists enjoying the cold refreshing water, I told myself that it was definitely…

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Trekking to Osmeña Peak in Cebu | Blushing Geek

Trekking Osmeña Peak in Cebu

Osmeña Peak is the highest peak in the Queen City of the South which is standing 1,013 meters above sea level.  It’s unique from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills group together that overlook and stretch as far as the Badian shorelines.  Most people refer to it as the Chocolate Hills of Cebu but…

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Exploring Isola di Francesco | Blushing Geek

Exploring Isola di Francesco

Panglao Island is known for its beautiful small islands such as the famous Balicasag Island, Gak-ang, and Puntod or which is now called as Isola di Francesco. Isola di Francesco was first known to travelers as Bohol Virgin Island and it’s a place of meditation and reflection owned by the Philippine Center of St. Pio of Pietrelcina. I’ve been to…

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