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Orange – What Do I Think of This Anime? | Blushing Geek

Orange – What Do I Think of This Anime?

Orange. This anime has been popping in and out whenever I search some sad anime online. And since I’ve already exhausted my sports anime to-watch list (well, almost *wink), I decided to try something dramatic this time. I originally tried some other anime suggestions first but it’s only with this anime that I was able to settle in as early…

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Manga Review - Hana to Akuma by Hisamu Oto | Blushing Geek

Manga Review – Hana to Akuma by Hisamu Oto

I usually write notes whenever I am reading or watching anime and I think majority of what I wrote for this manga is the word sweet. Hana to Akuma is a very sweet read. You will absolutely enjoy the romance, the comedy, and you will learn to love the characters as much as I did. This manga is highly recommended!…

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Why Haikyuu Reminds of Slam Dunk | Blushing Geek

Why Haikyuu Reminds Me of Slam Dunk

I’m not a sports person myself but once in a while, I do enjoy watching sports tournaments or shows during my free time. And lately, I’ve been watching quite a lot of sports anime but not one of them came close to Slam Dunk (don’t get me wrong, Yuri on Ice is amazing but in a different kind of way…

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8 Reasons Why Slam Dunk is a Well-Loved Series | Blushing Geek

8 Reasons Why Slam Dunk is a Well-Loved Series

Slam Dunk is one of my favorite shows of all time and I can’t believe it’s been almost 25 years since its first anime episode was aired. Like most anime series, Slam Dunk started off as a shounen manga by Inoue Takehiko that was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from September 1990 to June 4, 1996. I can’t say I’m…

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Gokusen – Manga and Anime Review | Blushing Geek

Gokusen – Manga and Anime Review

 Gokusen is one my must watch anime after I heard about it when I was younger but it wasn’t until recently that I (remembered) to finally watch it. And my, it was so good that I ended up reading the manga counterpart right after finishing the anime. I love the plot, the characters, and just about everything!  Gokusen by Morimoto Kozueko Published…

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