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Friday Favorites #4: Book Genres | Blushing Geek

Friday Favorites #4: Book Genres

What’s your favorite book genre/s? Suspense/Thriller/Mystery If you check out the first 10 book reviews I posted when I started blogging, you will notice that almost all of them were from Mary Higgins Clark. She has written 51 best seller books in the United States and various European countries, thus giving her the title as America’s Queen of Suspense. You…

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Friday Favorites #1: Week of 8/4 | Blushing Geek

Friday Favorites #1: Week of 8/4

I don’t have a solid schedule when do I publish an article here in Blushing Geek so that’s why I never participated in any weekly themed posts or link-up posts, but it is sure that I publish an article every Friday as that’s how I spend my Friday nights. Unless ofcourse if I am sick (or traveling), which just rarely…

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