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Book review of Tangled by Emma Chase | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Tangled by Emma Chase

Tangled by Emma Chase is probably one of the best books I’ve read this year, and maybe ever. I absolutely love the writing style and the cover totally speaks for itself because the hero, Drew, is so effing sexy and hilarious. I don’t remember the last time I had this so much fun reading something. Highly recommended! Tangled by Emma Chase…

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Book Review Head Shot by Dani Amore | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Head Shot by Dani Amore

Head Shot by Dani Amore is a story of a struggling Hollywood actor who after staring as the serial killer on a true crime show got his worst nightmare after being mistaken as the actual killer. It’s a thriller story of chasing and mistaken identity with a pinch of HEA. Head Shot by Dani Amore Published on September 23, 2014 Genre: Thriller…

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Book Review of Wandering Heart by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

Book Review – Wandering Heart by Sonia Francesca

Wandering Heart is the third and final book of the Cape’s Corner Trilogy written by Sonia Francesca. It’s a short romantic read that will not just make you fall in love but will also laugh your heart out. This book is highly recommended! Wandering Heart by Sonia Francesca Series: Cape’s Corner Trilogy, #3 First Published 2007 by Precious Corporation Genre: Tagalog Romance 128 pages…

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Book Review – Answered Prayers by Danielle Steel

Answered Prayer was my very first book from Danielle Steel, not actually a good book for me to start but I still think it’s a decent read. An emotional story of wasted years, sacrifices, and a faith that GOD answers prayers when you wait long enough. Answered Prayers by Danielle Steel First Published by Corgi Books on January 1, 2002 Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary 416…

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