18 New Released Romantic Books Perfect To Read this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, any plans? Well, if you ask me, I don’t have any concrete plans yet. Unfortunately for this year, V-day falls this Tuesday and that’s obviously a work day. My friends and I usually spends that day together but the three of us don’t have the same schedule anymore. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen that day so I’m making my schedule open for any change in case my crush invites me for a date (haha, assuming I know).

So if you don’t have a date like me (which assuming my crush don’t have the guts to ask me out, haha), then don’t worry ‘coz we’re not going to be totally alone on that “dreadful” day. I’ve compiled the best new released romantic books (so far) below.

We’re still in the month of February but there’s already a massive collection of books published this year. I’ve scoured the romance section in Amazon and picked out the best books perfect this Valentine’s Day which I’m sure will help you get in the mood for that day. And btw, I’ve minimized the erotic reads. You can thank me later. (Ordered based on the date they were published)

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8 Books to Read This Halloween

It’s time of the year again. Halloween is an entire night dedicated to mischief, frights, and most of all, treats. There’s nothing that gets you in Halloween mood better than a good terrifying books. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s enter into the spooky Halloween spirit by reading these 8 books below.

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