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No Goodbye, Just See You Around | Blushing Geek

No Goodbye, Just See You Around

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while. Since I’ve got that job last year, my schedule has been pretty hectic and my days were usually tiring. It’s been so stressful that writing an article makes me even more tired. I know in blogging world, saying things like that is like sentencing yourself to a lifetime in prison. I don’t…

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How To Add WWW To WordPress | Blushing Geek

How To Add WWW To WordPress URL

Have you ever wondered how bloggers or website owners make their website display the whole www . YourBlogName . com and not just YourBlogName . com in the browser? vs That’s what I wondered too when I started to self host my blog. YourBlogName . com looks good already but there are times that I could get a little OCD.…

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16 Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without | Blushing Geek

16 Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without

I’ve been blogging for four years now (OMG! I can’t believe it’s been that long!). I’ve seen and tried lots of blogging tools out there, but today, I’m going to share with you the tools that I have been using and can’t live without. Blogging tools are subjective and if you ask other bloggers what tools they use, it’s likely…

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Basic SEO for Bloggers | Blushing Geek

Basic SEO for First-Time Bloggers

I could still remember those time that I was so oblivious about the relationship between blogging and SEO. So when I was introduced into SEO, oh man! That was my second time falling in love. Over the year, SEO has become a must especially if you’re getting serious into blogging or if you’re doing business online. Terms and Terminologies Before…

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4th Blogging Anniversary | Blushing Geek

4th Blogging Anniversary

Can you believe it? It’s been FOUR YEARS since I started blogging! Actually, I still can’t believe it. Like, me, blogging?! Hello! It’s really happening! How it all started? If you happen to read my About page section, then I’m sure you already know my story, but for those who don’t, well then, let’s have a little story telling shall…

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