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I’m Vanessa, but you can simply call me Van. I was born and raised in Bohol but is now currently residing at the Queen City of the South, Cebu City, Philippines.

I’m an ordinary freelance worker by day and an extraordinary geek by night, well, mostly all day. Growing up, I know I’m going to become a bookworm. I remember when I was in my 3rd grade, I always love reading dialogues to myself and pretending I’m the voice actors or even the characters itself. I was then introduced to the beautiful world of tagalog romance novel during my 5th grade and that’s when I realized my passion in reading which also made me aspire to become a writer someday.

College life was like h*ll and that’s when I started reading English books and eventually, I become addicted to it. I’ve been hoarding and reading books since then. Aside from reading books, you can find me watching anime or jamming to Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan‘s music.

If you can’t find me at home, I’m probably gone wandering. Yep, like most people, I love traveling. I wish I could just read and travel without worrying about my bills lol.

10 Random Facts About Me:

10. I love photography, but I’m not good with angles lol.
9. Terrified to get eaten by sharks. (Yep, I blame this to my cousins who loves to watch shark movies when I was younger)
8. When I was in high school, I tried writing 2 tagalog romance stories but all stuck in chapter two. I already have my plot, conflict and the ending but I don’t know what to write in the middle.
7. I have tons of barbie collection when I was young and have my younger boy cousin play with me. (And nope, he’s not gay. As a matter of fact, he’s crush ng bayan now)
6. I’m a sucker for a Filipino-style spaghetti. (I’m sure I could live forever just eating that)
5. I cried so hard after our first thesis proposal was denied. I was then caught by my sister which she spread the news to our mother. I gave them the reason that my close friend/classmate died. Yep, that’s lame.
4. I love watching horror and morbid (like you can see blood all over) movies.
3. I’m a sucker for anything cute.
2. I love chocolates. (if chocolate hills is edible, it’s gone by now for sure)
1. This is my first time making a random list and I don’t want to do it again, haha, it’s hard!.

I’m normally shy, but I always love meeting new people. So if you want to make friends, please feel free to contact me through my social media accounts, or you can shoot me an email. Don’t worry, I don’t bite *wink.


Blushing Geek Official Logo

First things first. So why Blushing Geek?

When I decided to self host my blog, I thought the ways to acquire the money for the cost would be the hardest part, but it wasn’t! It was the naming of the blog. I remembered I had almost 30 names in my list, but none of them fits for my blog. Well, not to my ears specifically. I’m already convinced to add the word GEEK in my blog name but I can’t seem to find another word that would be fitting with it. But then one day, the word BLUSHING came to my mind. And when I combined them, my ears imaginary clapped in delight.

You might be wondering why Geeks? Well, Geek as describe in Wikipedia, connotes as an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit. Got the ring already? I’m not saying I’m that intelligent or an expert, but I am slowly working myself to be one, haha. Also, I want this blog to break the stereotypes that Geeks are those individuals who wear glasses, weird and seemingly boring.

You could be a book geek, a travel geek, a math geek or any other geeks you would like to be. Who say’s being a geek would be that boring?

And why blushing? Actually, I could have just set the explanation aside, but when I’ve read this article, I just realized that yeah, it could be it! New research shows it’s a sign you’ll be a great lover. Oops, don’t get into a conclusion yet. For this blog, blushing would means a great lover of books, travel, food, and some other things.

Aside from being a book blogger, I also consider myself as a lifestyle blogger, though I really am in an exploratory phase. That being said, expect a variety of posts from this blog. And lastly, here in Blushing Geek, we urge you to be free and embrace the GEEK in you.

For company, individuals or brands who wants to work with me, please feel free to refer to this page for some details. For publishers or writers who want to get their books reviewed, please refer to this page for more information.



  • “Blush”, “Geek” – Two seemingly contradicting worlds. But really it’s eye-catching 😉

    I hope I won’t resort to using #5 though lol