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Book Review – Not with the Band by Kelli Warner

Kelli Warner weaves a beautiful and believable story about two teens whose lives have been thrown together unexpectedly. Only they can decide if it will strengthen or break them. Read more about Not with the Band by reading my book review below.

Not with the Band by Kelli Warner | Blushing Geek

Not with the Band by Kelli Warner
May 5th 2017
Genre: Young AdultSportsContemporaryRomance
362 pages
Format: eBook
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Drama. Jerks. Another new school.

Those are three things Kassidy Perry vows to avoid her senior year of high school. Unfortunately, it looks like the Universe didn’t get the memo. When her mom marries the football coach from a rival high school, Kassidy’s forced to move (again), enroll in a new school (again) and adapt to life with three stepbrothers, including the school’s star quarterback who’s barely said two words to her. And what’s up with her incredibly hot-yet-cocky neighbor who’s developed a weird habit of climbing the trellis to her bedroom’s balcony? Nothing about her senior year is turning out the way Kassidy planned—and that’s before a revealed family secret drops the biggest bombshell yet.

Jordan Lawson could care less about football, even though he’s starting his senior year on the radar of college recruiters. He just wants to play music with his band, win a national contest with a record label and pursue his dream of being a musician. When those plans are threatened, his saving grace lies in the hands of his new stepsister. But how can he ask Kassidy for a monumental favor, when he’s partly to blame for derailing her life? And what if getting what he wants puts her dreams in jeopardy?


This book really got to me as early as its first page. I love the writing style and I’m beyond happy that I also enjoyed its overall story.

I wasn’t a big fan of sports romance before but after reading some really good sports romance stories last year, it instantly became one of my favorites in the romance category (especially if it’s YA, *wink). Looking at the cover and reading the title, I never would have thought that this book would be one of them!

It’s been so long since I read and enjoy a good book and this story made me realized what I’ve been missing out during those two months while I was gone. What is that? It’s the giddiness I always feel when I read a book that affected me so much.

Not with the Band had me deal with different emotions. I love that it didn’t just focused on the romance but it also talks about family. I love that it also shares some really heartwarming scenes and gave me something to really ponder to.

It also doesn’t share the same ending with your typical romance story but I assure you, it’s still HEA! Some may find it a bit unrealistic or it was just too easy but once in a while, that’s exactly what we needed. And as for this case, it’s totally what I am looking for for today, *wink.

Although I genuinely enjoyed this story, I have some few parts that I didn’t like that much. There were some cheesy corny lines and scenes that totally didn’t sit well on me. There were also some scenes that was executed in a weird way. But other than that, Not with the Band was still a pretty good read. It kept me awake ‘til 3 AM, so I guess that speaks a lot for itself eh?

Aside from that, I also adored the characters. I love that the author didn’t just made them like the typical characters you read in a romance story but she also added something to their characters that we can all relate into. I love the character development and it was also great that there’s no bitchy ex ruining everything. (thank goodness!)

And not just that, I also love that this story doesn’t just involved sports but it also tapped into the music scene! Isn’t that just sweet?

So, if you’re up for a story that doesn’t just melt your heart with romance but will also squeeze them because of the heartwarming family scenes, then look no further and try Not with the Band now.

Favorite Line/s

“I shouldn’t even be here with you now,” he breathes. “I tried to stay away, I swear I did, but something keeps pulling me back.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. But I can’t promise you I won’t. Tell me to go, Kassidy. Please.”

When nothing in my world made sense, she did. We did. Even when I didn’t believe, what I couldn’t see. She did. She saw me. She saw the real me.

“Blood may not bong us, but love does. That’s something that can’t be taken away by a birth certificate.”


About the Author

Kelly Warner | Blushing Geek

Kelli Warner has loved books ever since she could hold them in her hands. Propelled by a ferocious imagination as a child, her love for writing began by creating simple short stories and soap opera scenes while her mom watched General Hospital. Kelli went on to become an award-winning and Emmy-nominated TV newscaster and reporter while continuing to write young adult and contemporary romance novels. Kelli and her husband live in Oregon with their two teenaged children and an outstanding border collie named Lucy.

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