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Book Review – The Subjects Aim by P.R. Castle

The Subjects Aim is a story of two sisters who’s a victim of cruel experiments. One having the ability of melting into a liquid form and the other one who can read minds. Although this one is a so-so for me, I think those who love science fiction may find it into their liking.

The Subjects Aim by P.R. Castle

The Subjects Aim by P.R. Castle
The Subjects Trilogy, #1
 May 18, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
384 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Review Request
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Escaping captivity doesn’t make you free Subject B and her sister, Subject A, have spent their entire lives inside a secret lab, the victims of cruel experiments by the Professor. Subject A is given the power to read minds and Subject B the ability to melt into liquid form. Together, they use their gifts to escape the lab. On the outside, the sisters take different paths to cope with their pain. Subject A uses her gift to understand human nature, but Subject B is haunted by the lab, and won’t trust anyone. As Subject A tries to control the darkness within her sister, Subject B is faced with the choice to forgive the Professor or take her revenge.


The Subjects Aim is one those books that I’m having a hard time reviewing because I honestly don’t know what to say except for the usual thing you would normally read in most book reviews – the story, the characters, the ending.

Well, since I can’t manage to make my brain work today, I’ll just stick to the usual then, *wink.

The story

I’m never a fan of Science Fiction although I’ve read some that I really liked in the past. I guess the big part of the reason why I decided to give this book a try was because of the twins. I know I know, I’m shallow, haha. But ofcourse I also like stories about (super) powers and I think the situation the sisters are in kind of intrigued me. It intrigued me because I want to see what the author is going to do to make this one different than other stories with the same concept that I’ve read before.

So, was it different? Hmm, it feels pretty much the same for me. I guess the only difference was the suspense building especially on the last few chapters of this story.  There’s a hint of romance too which I think made me hopeful but this story focused more on the twins and their situation so that was definitely a buzz killer.

It’s only the start of the series though and I have a feeling that it’ll get better on the next installment. (hopefully more romance though, *wink)

The characters

Well, contrary to what I expected, I never became a fan of the twins. Aside from having super powers, they’re pretty much typical for me. I can’t see any qualities that I like or even hate. Well, I almost want to hate Subject B but I guess her reaction is pretty much normal in that situation. I’m quite curious what will happen to her and to her relationship with her sister in the next installment though.

There’s another set of twins introduced in this story and their connection to the girls were really interesting. Hopefully we’ll get to know more about them and see more of them in action in the next installment.

The ending (SPOILER, sorry)

Thankfully it wasn’t a cliff hanger but it was still a very sad ending for me. I wasn’t expecting someone to die, let alone someone who’s really closed to the twins! I guess the only consolation is that they learn something, it may not be enough but atleast they’ve got something to start looking for.


This was my first time from the author and I also my first science fiction this year, so I guess my mood kind of played a big role why I didn’t fully enjoy this story. The narration was fine and I think those who love science fiction may find this one more to their liking.


About the Author

PR Castle | Blushing Geek

P.R. Castle lives in Sydney, Australia. She spends most of her time pondering the deeper things in life. She studied Chemistry and Marketing at university, where her love and respect for science deepened. She has worked extensively with teens in youth camps, community service projects and youth groups, and is inspired by their imaginations and aspirations to make the world a better place.

P.R. Castle hopes to thrill and entertain her readers through her writing, but also wants to make them think about the deeper questions in life, to mull over what makes them human and reflect on who they are.

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