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Book Review – Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards is suspenseful story of a couple who’s having their grand Europe tour but suddenly cut short because of what they saw that night in the forest. That idea alone already got me interested but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards | Blushing Geek

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards
Published June 30th 2015 by Thomas & Mercer
Genre: MysterySuspenseThriller
400 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, a final adventure before settling down.

After a perfect start, Daniel and Laura’s travels end abruptly when they are thrown off a night train in the middle of nowhere. To find their way back to civilisation, they must hike along the tracks through a forest…a haunting journey that ends in unimaginable terror.

Back in London, Daniel and Laura vow never to talk about what they saw that night. But as they try to fit back into their old lives, it becomes clear that their nightmare is just beginning…


The idea of a couple having their grand Europe trip suddenly cut short might sound old news to some but I actually haven’t read a book (although I’ve watched a few in the big screen already) with the same concept before so I think that was the main reason why I decided to get this book in the first place. Imagine traveling in a foreign country and then suddenly you were placed in a very bad situation. Sounds frightening eh? As for this book, it sure gave me that feeling. And because of that, I’m not sure if I can travel abroad alone now, haha. And nope, it didn’t end this story with just that idea alone but the author cleverly added some new twists and turns that I’m sure some of you will appreciate. I don’t want to tell more or I might cut the suspense for you, *wink.

That sounds like a really good treat eh? But I dunno, I’m just not feeling the whole suspense vibe. I want to think that it was just because of my mood though because I’ve been so busy lately and I’m quite apprehensive for the coming weeks too. But I don’t want to discourage you guys to read this story because it was definitely full of mystery and suspense. It’s so full that even the epilogue will leave you thinking.

As for the main characters, I actually don’t like both of them. So I guess you can add that to my reasons why I am not feeling it, eh? I just didn’t find anything to like about their characters, although I pity them because whichever you look at it, they’re just a victim who just happens to be in a wrong place at a wrong time. I bet Daniel will never book an economy accommodation next time, *wink. But in all fairness though, I think Daniel did his best to solve the mysteries and save the hostages, although it wasn’t really him who stopped the suspect. But that’s still an A for effort eh? And speaking of suspect, I find it hard to believe that a senior citizen can pull off all those things by himself, especially the hacking. But oh well, aside from being a good antagonist, he may be good with computers too eh? Lol.

It was my first time from the author so I would like to think that I’m still just adjusting. I absolutely appreciate the twists and turns plus the characters we’re so easy to follow too since there’s only a handful of them. The writing style wasn’t that bad too and you can really say that the author is English because of some words used, like bonkers, gawp, etc.

Overall, I think the idea of this story is really good but it just failed in some aspects. I would really like to believe that it’s just because of my mood that it didn’t click on me so I am letting you guys to check it out yourselves, *wink. For now, I am giving this story a 2.5 stars rating. I am tempted to round it off to 3 but I think it would be unfair to those books that I’ve given 3-stars before.


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