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Yaoi Anime Review – Super Lovers

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Right after I watched the first episode of this anime, I already had a feeling that I am going to love this series. And man! I was right. This show was really so good I’ve given it’s first season a 9 out of 10 stars rating, *wink. Super Lovers have a total of 2 seasons, both with 10 episodes each and an OVA with 2 episodes.

After the first yaoi that I have watched, I realized that I prefer 1 couple per show, and man! I can’t be happy enough that I am having that in this anime. Super Lovers gives us a very sweet (and sometimes funny) narration on Haru and Ren’s romantic relationship.

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When I started this series, I was actually kind of confused with Haru and Ren’s relationship. It was really unusual and kind of nauseating (?) when you really think hard about the technicalities but with those wonderful graphics and the couple’s chemistry, it’s hard to dwell on that thought for long. So yep, as early as the first episode, I already accepted the fact that Haru and Ren belong to each other. I don’t want to spoil it for you so I am not going to explain more about that, instead, I’ll tell you that the age gap is really big. But that’s normal in yaoi anyway so I guess it’s fine.

I don’t like stories with amnesia in it so I guess that’s the only thing I hated on the first season of this anime. The scenes we’re nicely done and I love how Haru and Ren’s relationship were progressing. And yes, you can definitely expect massive number of funny scenes in this anime in both seasons 1 and 2 as well as on its OVAS. As for the season 2, I actually don’t love it as much I love season 1, but I still ended up giving it an 8 out of 10 stars rating because in that season, it really focused on their relationship (a boy to boy relationship). And yes, there’s definitely a lot of times the S thing was mentioned which eventually became an issue to both the main characters. In relation to that, I really feel sorry (while laughing my heart out, haha) to a certain school nurse who’s always subjected to Ren’s question about a certain topic (it starts with S, haha) that is so awkward for a guy to answer, haha.


Thinking back, I think it was a pretty good angle for season 2 because Haru and Ren’s relationship were really progressing. There were also some references to things couples do (if you get what I mean? haha) but it was usually done in a funny way so you won’t definitely feel uncomfortable. And nope, there’s definitely no explicit scenes here (but I think almost?, haha), but I’m still issuing you a warning though, because some kissing scenes we’re HOT AF! (Awww! haha)

I love the graphics of this anime. Of all the yaoi (and possibly all the anime) I have watched, Super Lovers done it so perfectly. I’m a very visual person so imagine how my eyes turned into heart shapes every time I watch this anime. I just love everything – the character design (Haru’s definitely looks like Adonis and Ren is so cute I want to get him out of the screen and hug him), the animation, everything! And the music isn’t that bad either, *wink. Most yaoi anime features animals in them, and for this anime, it’s a dog!

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I don’t have any complaints about the characters either because my eyes were feasting on their good looks its hard to get mad at them, haha. But seriously, I don’t have any characters that I hated so much I want to kill them. Ofcourse there we’re some characters that was kind of against Haru and Ren’s complicated relationship but that’s normal, atleast in the end they we’re able to understand and eventually accepted it.

Super Lovers | Blushing Geek

Super Lovers is definitely one of my top yaoi anime recommendations, curious? You’ve got to check it out!

PS: It’s not a pedo, you need to watch the anime or read the manga before jumping into that conclusion, please!

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