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What Makes You Decide to Drop A Book?

**While this discussion is being published, I’m probably in the airport waiting for my flight or maybe already on the plane and pissing myself because of excitement for my very first solo travel ever, gross haha. That being said, I’ll be reading your comments and replying to them once there’s a wifi available here or if ever my phone’s data connection is working fine, *wink.

I was planning on finally posting this discussion after reading Katie Ashley’s The Proposition last year but got caught up with my busy schedule. Tough life I know, haay.

Btw, after reading my very first book that made me almost threw my Kindle across pacific ocean (drama queen, I know haha), I’ve been curious eversince to know what other readers reasons to decide on dropping a book. And yes, this discussion is long overdue.

I really hate DNF, as much as possible I don’t drop them if I see some few points that I like or acceptable. But lately, I’ve been feed up with the increasing number of books in my TBR that is, to make it mildly, unpleasing. So as part of this year’s goal, I decided to just let it go if I don’t like it. Finishing it won’t make it much better anyway.

So what makes me decide to drop a book?

To make it easy, I’ll just list them below:

  • Betrayal. I really can’t stand betrayal especially if it’s close to the main characters, and much worse if the betrayer is one of the characters that I love!
  • Cheating and third party. Especially if the third party is b*tchy or is a j*rk.
  • Unrelatable characters/story.
  • Horrible writing style. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.
  • One or both the main characters are doing stupid things over and over again. Once is enough, twice is too much, thrice is a reason for DNF.
  • Repetitive. Eye roll, roll, roll.
  • Cliche, unrealistic and corny dialogues. Proper moderation please.

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What Makes You Decide to Drop A Book? | Blushing Geek

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