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Jardin Necitas – Amazing Glowing Garden in Bohol

Jardin Necitas is the newest tourist destination in the Province of Bohol. It’s an amazing garden that features LED-lighted roses and tulips that glows at night. Sounds familiar? Well, I did post an article last December about the 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu and the two almost had the same concept. Unlike the latter, Jardin Necitas boasts not just 5,000 LED-lighted roses but also 15,000 multicolored tulips plus LED-lighted animals, pathways and cherry blossoms. So eye catchy eh? But the best time to visit is at night or just in time for sunset so you can fully appreciate the lights.

Jardin Necitas

Jardin Necitas Fun Facts

  • Located at Purok 5, Bagumbayan in Pilar, Bohol. Jardin Necitas is in the hilly part of the 24-hectare “Hacienda Federico”.
  • Owned by Pilar Mayor Necitas Cubrado and her daughter Vanessa (it’s not me, I swear haha), who brought the artificial flowers to their hometown.
  • The grand opening happened last September 27, 2017 which was attended by Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap who cut the ribbon during the ribbon cutting ceremony.
  • Features 5,000 red and white roses and 15,000 multicolored tulips that forms “i❤u” in its aerial view.

    Aerial view of Jardin Necitas, Pilar, Bohol | Blushing Geek

    Image via Jardin Necitas FB page

  • In Jardin Necitas, you will have a 180 degrees view of half of Bohol.
  • Facilities includes a cafeteria and comfort rooms both for men and women.
  • Opens from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, and the entrance fee is Php30 for adults and children.
  • With its colorful and romantic scenery, Jardin Necitas is a perfect setup for prenups and events.

How to get there?

I was born and raised in Bohol but I still don’t know how to navigate there. Bohol is a smaller province than Cebu but I find it harder to navigate than the latter. There’s a lot of ins and outs in Bohol and you can basically go to other towns in a lot of different routes. I make sure to bring either one or both of my grandparents when I travel to Bohol again ‘coz they’re like a human map, hehe.

Via private transportation

If you are driving directly to Jardin Necitas, let’s not make it difficult for the both of us eh? Type in Jardin Necitas in your navigation app to guide you. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of locals you can ask around if ever you find yourself lost.

Via public transportation

From Tagbilaran City, head to the integrated bus station (Dao) and catch a bus going to Pilar. I’m not sure if the bus will pass Jardin Necitas but to be safe, just drop off at Pilar market which is just near the church (a few kilometers from the famous Pilar Dam) and then hire a tricycle or habal-habal (motorbike) going to Jardin Necitas.


Jardin Necitas

Jardin Necitas

Jardin Necitas

Jardin Necitas
Jardin Necitas
Jardin Necitas
Jardin Necitas

Check out more photos on Flickr

Our Experience


Blushing Geek family at Jardin Necitas, Pilar, Bohol

Jardin Necitas was our last family trip for 2017. It was pretty far from our place plus the ride going there was both sunny and rainy lol. We arrived there around 4:00 pm and since the artificial flower lights up at 5:00 pm, we waited. But unfortunately, we can’t appreciate the lights since the sun is still up, *sad face.

Jardin Necitas was only open for almost four months so I expected that there’s a lot of visitors especially on weekends. But I was surprised that it wasn’t as congested than the LED roses cafe that I once visited, basically because Jardin Necitas’ location was quite far from the city.

The place was beautiful during the daytime but looking at all the photos during nighttime on FB, my! I’m envious!

Jardin Necitas at night

Image via Vanessa Cubrado’s FB

So, would I still like to go back? Sure! But hope it’s during nightfall next time, *wink.


Jardin Necitas
Purok 5, Bagumbayan in Pilar, Bohol
Opens daily 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Jardin Necitas – Amazing Glowing Garden in Bohol | Blushing Geek

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