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What Lies Beneath the Sand is the 5th book of the Costa Leona series by Jonaxx. Just like her usual stories, this one sent me into insanity. The lines, the scenes, the characters, all we’re so good that I ended up falling…hard. Not my favorite from this series but still a very good story. Highly recommended!


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What Lies Beneath The Sand by Jonaxx
Series: Costa Leona, #5
Genre: Tagalog RomanceContemporary RomanceNew Adult Romance
42 chapters
Format: eBook
Source: Wattpad
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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**The last book I read during my break.

I’ve been avoiding this story after finding out that it’s finally completed many months ago. It’s not because the story is bad but because it’s bad for me. I have many favorite authors but Jonaxx is on the top of the list when it comes to making me lose my mind. Her stories never fails to amaze me that even though the plot is cliché or I’m not a fan of what’s happening in the story, I still ended up losing my mind. And for this story, nothing changes. Before 2017 ends, I was planning to binge watch anime but instead, I’ve been binge reading, haha.

I’m still adjusting on the first page but before I finished the first chapter, I already bid farewell to my sanity in advance because I’m sure I’ll be insane in the coming chapters. The idea of hiring a stand-on wasn’t new to me. So I already predicted the next scene but was still surprised because NOT all of my predictions happened. After the confrontation, the story became 100% unpredictable and I’m slowly losing my mind. Dang! It was sexy as heck that I can’t help but cover my mouth because I’m close to shouting. Every scene, every lines, all we’re just so sweet that even though I wasn’t that impressed with Zamiel, I still ended up falling. Dang!!! You’re asking me why I can’t choose just one with all of Jonaxx’s heroes? It’s because I always ended up falling for ALL of them, haha. It makes me feel ridiculous to just pick one, good thing I can choose as many book boyfriends without being sued, haha.

I can’t really say that I love this story so much because there were some scenes that I didn’t really like at all. I was even set on giving this one a 4 star rating but dang! For all the feels it gave me, I’m not sure if it’ll be alright. So to keep my mind at ease, I told myself that this story is definitely not my favorite from all the stories in the Costa Leona series. I think it will always be Sibal, hehe. So yep. Even with all the feels, I am still giving this story a 4 stars rating.

The scenes, the lines, the characters, all we’re so properly executed. It was in Wattpad and the author already warned us that it wasn’t proofread yet so there were ofcourse some wrong spellings, but believe me when I say that it wouldn’t really matter at all because you’re too consume with the story that you will never notice them. I love that everything sounds so convincing even on those parts that I wanna strangle both of them for making it reach 7 years to finally work on their happily ever after. But with all the things that happened, I have to say that it was all worth it.

For Ace. My! Her life is like Cinderella because she also have an evil stepmother and evil stepsister. I hated that she needs to endure all those things considering that she’s really not poor at all. But I guess it’s still a good experience since because of it, she was able to grow stronger and tougher. I don’t remember that there’s at least one heroine from Jonaxx that I really love. Whenever I read her stories, my attention were always on the hero and never take notice the heroine unless she’s going to do something that will irritate me. So far, there’s really nothing that I could think of that I hated. The usual jealousy and all was normal with all her heroines so that was fine. But I have to say that with everything she’s been through, I am one of the happiest when the final will of her father was revealed.

For Zamiel. My! Just saying his name sent shivers to my body. But when I found out how shameless he is for being a cocky playboy, I was really disappointed that I turned my attention to his younger brother Kajik. And then slowly, he manages to change my mind and really fall for him. Dang that man! Of all the things that happened, I was happy that he didn’t do anything stupid, unless you count the time when he didn’t clarify his real relationship with Daniella. After he found out about the lie and all, I have to say that even if he’s convincing other people that he’s not interested with Ace anymore, the heart still want what it wants. He even did everything to know the story about her father’s properties and all. I hated his commanding side but I love that he didn’t entirely gave up on Ace. I love that even if he’s too hurt, he still fights for her. It’s just amazing how Costa Leona’s guys are so persistent into getting what they really want. Aside from his playboy old self, I don’t have anything against him. I just said I love the guy right? Haha.

What I always love about this series is that it always ends up with a chapter solely taken from the guy’s POV. This one gave us his thoughts on most of the scenes that was important in this story, but the part where he realized that he’s really ready to settle down even though he’s saying he’s not, I still think it’s lacking. It’s just too soon that he fell in love at first sight. But nah! I won’t make it a big deal since I’m really so convince that he loves her so dang much.

Another thing that I love about their story was the mention of the familiar characters. My! There were even some familiar characters that it took me so long to realize that they were mentioned from the previous installment haha.

There were so many conflict in this story, even though the Cinderella thing was kind of cliché, I still think that this story was a very good one considering the cliché start. And for my rating, I am giving it 4 stars. I believe that it was not the best story from this series, but I can’t deny how this story made me feel. My! I was practically immobilize while still reading this story. I can’t think and do anything unless I finish it. All I think of is what will happen next or if Ace and Zamiel will finally settle things over and have their happily ever after even if I’m in the toilet, haha.

Just like the other books in the series, this one has sexy scenes. I’ve read a lot of erotica books before but I have to say that it’s only Jonaxx’s stories that makes me a total pervert, haha. I keep on imagining all those sexy scenes in my head making me blush. My! It was really so sexy, haha (insert deafening squeal here).

And yes, there’s definitely HEA in this story. It’s the fifth book of the Costa Leona series but you can definitely read it standalone. If you’re up for a trip to insanity land, then go ahead and try this story.. well, try ALL Jonaxx ‘s stories and you won’t be disappointed at all.


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