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Birthday Goals for 2018

Konnichiwa minna-san!  And yes, as you can read the post title above, it’s my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! So last year, I started creating set of goals that I need to accomplish that year. Sad to say, I wasn’t able to accomplish all of them, *sad face. But just because I wasn’t able to do it doesn’t mean I need to stop, *wink.

Last week, I came across this one word post by Karen and I really like the idea. So yep, I guess I’m entering, *wink. And my one word would be…*drumroll*….FEARLESS. There’s actually a lot of words that came to my mind but I guess for this year, fearless would be the most fitting for me. I’ve been living a cowardly life for the past years and I want to get over it and remember what it feels like being brave, being bold and doing what I really love without the fear of not being accepted by others. It’s funny because I used to live by this idiom “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” when I was in College but here I am, living a cowardly life because of what others may think or say. But those days will finally meets its end today. Wish me luck guys, *wink.

And here they are, my goals for this year.

Books and Blogging

  • Read all the books in my TBR (recycled). This goal was actually my #1 goal last year but since my TBR is still long, I have to recycle this goal. I don’t think there’s any bookworm out there that doesn’t have long list of books to read, so it’s kind of normal for us, but I am starting to feel uneasy because some of them we’re stuck in my list for a long time now and if I keep adding, I’ll lose my mind. Plus, this goal also helps me prioritize but I’m sure along the way, I’ll stray once or twice but I know it’ll still stick to it on the end. I don’t receive much book review request these days (maybe because I may have unconsciously made my book review request form slow to process, haha) plus I’m also busy completing my collections so I’m quite confident that I won’t be adding (that much? haha) new books on my list, haha.
  • Be happy and blog. I made sure that I mentioned happy first before blog. Last year, I’ve been so concerned about blogging MORE that it became like a PRIORITY task rather than a HOBBY that makes me HAPPY. So for this year, I will bring back that “I’m happy that’s why I blog” feeling. Also last year, I brought up my concerns on how to keep this blog running (costs of maintenance, hosting, domain etc.) but I won’t let those concerns worry me that much. Let’s just see what comes along, *wink.
  • Read to be happy. In relations with my goals above, I will make sure happiness would be my priority. I really hate DNF especially if they’re books that I purchased myself, which was also one of the reasons why I’m still having a lot of books in my list. I don’t like giving away or deleting a copy in my kindle so even if I feel like I won’t like it, I still keep them in my list or even force myself to read them. For this year, I will be fearless and start dealing with these books that needs to go away.


  • Get the job that I love. I was supposed to review last year so I could finally do the job hunting this year but got distracted plus the idea of “job hunting and then job interview” kind of terrified me, haha, so in the end, I didn’t continue reviewing. But for this year, I’ll finally deal with it head on. Promise.
  • Go travel if possible. Last year, I wasn’t able to travel much but I still consider it as one of my good year of travel. I don’t want to travel because I have to or it’s require for the blog but last year, I didn’t felt like it should be done for those purposes but I did it because I love it. So for this year, I still am aiming for that same feeling.
  • Get a passport (recycled). I had this goal last year but I waited for the confirmation of the 10 years validity of the Philippine passport so I didn’t get one. But since it’s already confirmed, I am going to get one hopefully after dealing with my work goal, *wink.


  • Take good care of myself (recycled). I got seriously sick two times already and I don’t want to feel that helpless anymore. So as a part of my long term goal, I am going to really take good care of myself. That includes the food that I eat, drink,  sleep, and staying fit.
  • Use cruelty-free or natural beauty products (recycled). Last 2016, I looked like a human red chili because of the face products that I used. So last year, I started to really appreciate natural beauty products especially those that labeled cruelty-free. Before, I used to put three or even five kinds of products in my face but right now, I only need to put utmost two products. So for the long run, I will continue to search some natural beauty products that I could use and also some DIYs that I could do at home too.
  • Buy my own DSLR (recycled). Camera is a must for every travel bloggers, but the main focus of this blog isn’t really travel, so having my own DSLR isn’t really urgent for now. I am taking it slow so that’s why I am putting this in my long term goal.
  • Be a better person (recycled). I’m not a politician, talented or even brilliant, so the only contribution I could give to make this world a better place to live is to become a good person everyday and start influencing others.

That’s my goals for 2018. How about you? Have you set your own goals too for this year?

Birthday Goals For 2018 | Blushing Geek

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