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Weeding Out My To-Read Books In Goodreads

As a part of my 2017 Birthday goals, I decided to clean my TBR. I’m sure I can’t clean all of them, but atleast I could get through half of them. When I’m in my hoarding mood (especially during pay day) when I love the sypnosis, I just haphazardly add them to my TBR. I don’t really have any problem about that before, until my kindle starts to act weird. It keeps on hanging up! Then I checked my books and my! It’s A LOT, haha. And not just that, I have some unread paperbacks too that I need to take care of, lol.

Old habits die hard, so I made a compromise and instead of buying them right away, I decided to add them to my “to-read” books in Goodreads so I can keep track of what I’ll be buying soon when I reach my goal, *wink. And mind you, it was really hard. Well, I confess, I wasn’t really 100% loyal with my goal because I still bought some new books, including these new books from the Hidden Legacy series from Ilona Andrews which I am saving to read on my next Holiday. Overall, I guess I’ve purchased more than 20 books already, haha, but I’m stopping now…really.

There are times that I want to be organize and keep things in their proper places, and today is one of those. So I’ve checked out my to-read books in Goodreads and I’m confronted with 200+ books. It wasn’t even a year yet but I managed to get it that high lol. So I decided to get through them one by one and weed out those that I just accidentally added…like as if I did lol.

So after the 200+, it’s now down to 161. Well, not bad.

Since I’m already talking about to-read books, I decided to share some of the best of the best in my list that is making it hard for me to resist not to get a copy ASAP.

Imagine if I buy all of them in one go, I’ll probably have nothing to eat for a month or maybe a year? Haha. Anyways, how about you? How’s your pile going?

Weeding Out My To-Read Books In Goodreads | Blushing Geek

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