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Book Review – Her Sweetest Christmas by Holly Blair

Her Sweetest Christmas is a sweet, short story that will absolutely put you on a holiday spirit. It was a very short read with just only 75 pages but I’m sure it will also leave you smiling with the sweet scent of Christmas and chocolate in the air. Guaranteed HEA and no annoying main characters!

Her Sweetest Christmas by Holly Blair | Blushing GeekHer Sweetest Christmas by Holly Blair
Series: Juniper Falls, #1
Published December 22, 2016
Genre: RomanceHolidayContemporary
75 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Review request from the author
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Natalie LeClair will never forget the kiss she shared with Cooper King three years ago. Too bad he’s the enemy, back in her life to buy her grandmother’s chocolate company right from under her nose.

Cooper King will stop at nothing to acquire LeClair’s Chocolate Shop and its famed recipe. There’s only one wrinkle. Natalie is standing in his way, and he wants nothing more than to rekindle their romance. Cooper longs to return to just business as usual, but Natalie may be the sweetest distraction he’s ever imagined.


I’m not usually fond of Christmas-themed stories even though it’s my favorite holiday. But there are ofcourse times that I do crave to read one, mostly holiday suspense. But when the author Holly Blair offered her novella, Her Sweetest Christmas, I decided why not? With the busy schedule I am having lately, novellas sure come in handy, *wink

The story started introducing Natalie who fled Juniper Falls after her messy divorce with her ex-husband who cheated on her with his boss’ daughter. Returning is not yet in her plan until she wasn’t able to get a hold of her grandmother who’s currently living alone back in Juniper Falls. But the timing wouldn’t have been perfect because she saw her ex-husband and now his new wife who just came back from their honeymoon in the airport. Seeing that she doesn’t have any ride home, the bastard offered her a ride home. And faith is obviously toying with her because Cooper, the guy who’d given her the best kiss ever and then stood her up three years ago, is in the same airport too!

My sweetest Christmas really started so good and I liked the reunion at the airport, lol. I guess the reason why it caught my attention was because of Natalie’s situation. I always like a story with revenge, but when Cooper came in,’s not a story of revenge, haha. But even if that’s not the case, I’m still glued to this story. Why’s that? It turns out that they have history together and it was not a very pleasant one. He stood her up while she’s waiting for two agonizing hours! Then she received a text from him with some lame excuse. That’s a little cruel thing to do, but in comparison to what her ex-husband did, well, Cooper is luckily not added to my death note, *wink.

So after that airport scene, Natalie and Cooper’s relationship we’re slowly getting better. It’s obvious that they both like each other so I was pretty sure that they’ll hit it in no time. I wasn’t expecting this one to be a very very short read, I was expecting at least a hundred pages but I still think Natalie and Cooper getting together wasn’t done in a haste.

This may only have been a 75 pages story but I still think it comprises what a story should have. It even have an epilogue, which screams HEA. But I was still expecting for a “complete” flashback three years ago on how they met and about that kiss that both of them can’t seem to forget.

This was my first from the author but I have to say that I’m impressed. I do like her writing style that even if this story was taken both from the main characters POV, it didn’t made me confuse since the shifting was done flawlessly. Plus, who would hate a story with lots of chocolates in it?

It was pretty good but I can’t totally say it stood up for me, so I’m giving it a 3 stars.

If you’re having a tight schedule and is looking for a short story that will give you that Christmassy feels, then My Sweetest Christmas by Holly Blair is worthy of checking out.


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