13 Reasons Why I Love Japan

As a kid, I’m always been fascinated with Japan. I’ve been hearing a lot of beautiful things about this country, not just with its world class tourist attractions and technology but with their rich culture. Lately, I’ve been more eager to learn more about the country, been studying the language, reading some free materials online about the country, watching and reading a lot of anime/manga and attending Japanese events.

Despite never having been there, I’m obsessed with anything related to Japan. So, why do I love Japan? Let me share with my 13 reasons.

13 Reasons Why I Love Japan

  1. Anime/Manga

Anime/Manga - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

I guess it’s pretty much obvious why this is number 1 in my list *wink. I grew up watching anime that it kind of helped shape up my childhood.

Manga by the way is an artistic genre and literary form that is remarkably popular with everyone from children to adults not just in Japan but around the world. It’s an equivalent of a Marvel comics but covers many topics as regular fiction from business stories, romance to science fiction.

Anime is  a general term for any Japanese cartoon. Anime tends to draw heavily from manga, which they use vivid color and have highly stylized character designs.

  1. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Seeing Cherry Blossom in Japan is like seeing and experiencing snow in America. You see, when I was younger, I always wanted to see snow. I live in a tropical country with only two seasons which is sunny and rainy season, so the idea of a falling snow sounds like a fairy tale to me. But when I learn how cold it is, I moved on. You could say that it was just a product of childhood fascination.

After seeing some anime and Japanese movies with scenes under a cherry blossom tree, my! I was in love. There are ofcourse some countries where you can see cherry blossom but it’s different when you’ve got to experience it in Japan.

  1. Tourist Attractions

Mt. Fuji - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

I love to travel. I love discovering new places and Japan is rich with amazing tourist attractions as well as their famous temples, zen garden and castles. One beautiful example why Japan is the best is the Mt. Fuji.

  1. Japanese Language

Japanese Language - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Image from Shizune Peace

I’ve read an article that Japanese is one of the hardest language to learn in the world, but that didn’t fazed me. As a lover of anime and manga, it’s no surprise I become interested into learning the language. Honestly, my only reason of learning the language is to be able to watch anime without reading the subtitle and to read a manga without looking for the english translated version,  but that was before. That was before I learn more about the country and its rich culture.

I can’t see myself living for good in other country (even if how crazy Philippines could get), but if ever that happen, the only country I could think of is Japan.

  1. JPop

JPop - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Image from Tumblr

In relation to anime and Japanese language, I became fascinated with Jpop or Japanese music as well. I love mostly any kind of genre in music but I have to say that Jpop is my most listened these days.

  1. The People

The People - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

People in Japan is known as kind, shy, artistic, and most especially, polite. These are exactly the reason why I wouldn’t mind leaving the Philippines and live in Japan for good, hehe. But seriously, Japan isn’t just blessed with world class tourist attractions but with equally amazing people. All in one package I would say.

  1. Japanese Food

Japanese Foods - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

The first thing I wanna do when I finally able to visit Japan is to try their ramen and eat it using chopsticks. I’m not really good with chopsticks but maybe, just maybe, I could finally learn to do it in Japan hehe. It’s not just ramen but other yummy Japanese foods and desserts that you can never miss while in Japan.

  1. Japan Traditional Clothing

Japanese Yukata | Blushing Geek

Didn’t I tell you I love dressing up? Last June, I was finally able to try wearing a Japanese kimono in Kawaii Cafe, a Japanese cafe in Cebu. And my! I’m so in love that I wanna take it home. But ofcourse, I wanna try the real deal.

  1. Onsen

Onsen - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Onsen are Japanese hot spring baths that are surrounded in a number of customs and traditions. Imagine spending all your free time with a good book in one of those famous Japanese hot spring?! Just pure heaven <3.

  1. Japanese Temples and Zen Gardens

Japanese Temples and Zen Gardens - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Looking at all the picture online, temples of Japan are extremely beautiful. The bells, the Zen gardens, the bamboo, and the torii gates really do instill a sense of peace and serenity. I’ll definitely create one for my future home.

  1. Technology

Technology - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Image from ARS Technica

Aside from Manga/Anime, another thing that always associated with Japan is their advance technology. As old as I am now, I haven’t ride a train, so imagine what would be my reaction when I’ve got to ride one and not just an ordinary train but Japan’s bullet train. Another thing I would like to try in Japan is their high-tech toilets. Imagine sitting on a warm seat, while music is playing and have a jet of water come and wash you from front or back. Now that’s pretty awesome. Only in Japan.

  1. Japanese Festivals

Japanese Festivals - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Image from Visit Iwate

I love festivals. And Japan has a lot of them, actually there are well over 100,000 festivals held each year across the country.  Where each of them offering an interesting view into Japanese life. You want to learn more about Japan? Attend their festival!

  1. They embrace weirdness

They embrace weirdness - 13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

Image from Angry Black Lady Chronicle

I love weird, and Japan wholeheartedly embraces weird. From weird clothing to weird inventions, name them all, Japan has them.


There are even more things I love about Japan, but for now, let me share with you my thirteen reasons. If you’re someone who loves Japan too, feel free to add your own reasons in the comment section below.

13 Reasons Why I Love Japan | Blushing Geek

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