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Lookbook Store Review – Navy Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress

I never had fashion post before but my! This dress is just too beautiful to just keep for myself. I received three items from Lookbook Store and I can’t really contain my excitement. For now, I am going to review this lovely lace dress.

Who is Lookbook Store?

Lookbook Store is a fast-growing online retailer of high-quality, stylish clothes and accessories designed especially for women. The store is known for their cute, stylish and sexy lines of clothes using quality fabrics, at the same time, selling them at prices that’s light on the budget.

Fueled by the owner’s huge passion for fashion, Lookbook Store grew from a small clothing store to an established e-commerce fashion boutique with their own unique clothing collection, selling over a thousand items worldwide.

Lookbook Store not only provides fashionistas convenient access to uniquely superb clothes and accessories but aims to make women more fashionable than ever.

My Review

The dress looks perfectly the same as pictured in their website and looking at the price, I can’t believe the quality. It’s made of thick materials that you see on most expensive dresses in your local department stores.

I got a US4 and it’s perfect for me, not too tight but not too baggy. I also love the length of the dress, not too short, not too long either. I’m pretty sure I could still fit in with US2 but I’m more comfortable with clothes that is a 2 or 3 inches bigger than me so I could comfortably move, unless ofcourse if the clothing is stretchable. For this dress, since it’s made from lace, it’s obviously non stretchable but is very comfortable to wear.

It has a concealed back zipper making it very easy to wear and a sheer 3/4 lace sleeves so you can still wear it even if the sun is up. If it’s too cold outside, just top it off with a blazer, a jacket or a cardigan. Another addition to this dress is the chic belt.

Lookbook Store Review - Navy Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress | Blushing Geek

It’s very easy to style too, you can either wear it with heels or with flats. I always adore lace clothing as they can make you elegant without putting too much effort on your part and this one’s just perfect for me.

I do love the color, but I think the color isn’t most suited for me. I should have gone for black or coral, but in all fairness, it made me look like a human being hehe. Btw, the color is somewhat different from the website because of the outdoor lighting, but when inside, it resembles the one in their website.

Lookbook Store Review - Navy Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress | Blushing Geek

Close-up picture of Navy Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress

The white version of this dress could be a perfect wedding dress too. If you’re like me who adores lace or you’re just someone who want to dress up and look amazing, then you need this dress. You can shop it on Amazon or directly from their website.  If you shop directly from their website, enjoy 15% off all orders with equal or above $199 by shopping here.

Have fun styling 😉

Lookbook Store Review - Navy Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress | Blushing Geek

Navy Lace Crop Sleeves A-Line Dress
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