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2017 Japanese Film Festival in Cebu

In celebration of Japan Film Festival (JFF), which is widely known as EIGASAI, they are bringing 20 Japanese films that every otaku and Japanese film lovers can watch for free. The festival officially kicked off last July 6, 2017 with the screening of Her Love Boils Bathwater at the Shang Cineplex and was graced by this year’s special guest director Ryoya Nakano. It will end on August 29, 2017 which by then are showing 20 films with various genres across major cities nationwide. And for us Cebuanos, our time will start this Wednesday, August 2.

For Cebu schedule, we’ve got to watch 6 films where I’ve taken the liberty of selecting two films that you should catch during EIGASAI 2017 in Cebu, but I also included 1 film that I wish were also part of the Cebu screening schedule.

  1. Her Love Boils Bathwater (2016)


A mother finds out she has two months to live and decides she must prepare for it by: 1) Bringing her estranged husband back; 2) Restoring the family business, a bathhouse, that is on the verge of ruin; and 3) Building her daughter, Azumi, up so that she can stand on her own.


If you want to watch a tearjerker film that doesn’t involved around cheesy romance, then Her Love Boils Bathwater will never disappoint you. Besides, every story where it includes a mother’s love to her child is always a winner aight?

Screening schedule is on August 5 at 7pm.


  1. Sweet Bean (An) 2016


Sentaro runs a small bakery that serves dorayakis—pastries filled with sweet red bean paste. When an old lady, Tokue, offers to help in the kitchen, he reluctantly accepts. But Tokue proves to have magic in her hands when it comes to making sweet bean paste. Thanks to her secret recipe, the little business soon flourishes. And with time, Sentaro and Tokue will open their hearts to reveal old wounds.


Seeing the trailer, this one for sure is one motivating and inspiring film. Aside from that, I’m sure we would all get full with the food. *wink

Screening schedule is on August 6 at 4 pm.


  1. Creepy (2016)


Former detective, Takakura, now works as a Professor of criminal psychology at a university. An ex-colleague requests his assistance on an unsolved six-year old case involving a missing family. Meanwhile, Takakura and his wife Yasuko move into a new neighborhood. One of their neighbors, Nishino, has a sick  wife and a young daughter, Mio. While on one hand Takakura is solving the missing family case, events in his neighborhood get “creepy”. Things go berserk after Mio reveals to Takakura a secret about her family. As the past and present collide, Takakura is not just solving a case anymore.


If you are just like me who enjoys mystery and thrill, this one is definitely a must watch.

This one isn’t part of the screening schedule in Cebu but you can see it on August 11, at SM City Baguio Cinema, August 18 at UP film institute UP Diliman, Quezon City and on August 25 at SM City Bacolod Cinema.


That’s just three of my choices but there’s a lot more to catch at this year’s EIGASAI, happening from July 1 to August 29 in Manila, Davao, Cebu, Baguio, Bacolod and Iloilo. All showings are on a first-come, first served basis except the screenings at Shang Cineplex Cinema which will be Php100 per one film screening.

EIGASAI 2017 Japanese Film Festival Cebu Schedule:

2017 Japanese Film Festival in Cebu | Blushing Geek

For the complete screening schedule, see it here.

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