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Book Review – Billionaire in Vegas by Summer Cooper

Billionaire in Vegas by Summer Cooper | Blushing GeekBillionaire in Vegas by Summer Cooper
Publication: June 5, 2017
Genre: New Adult RomanceContemporary Romance
890 pages
Format: eBook
Source: ARC
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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He’s everything she shouldn’t like… the former athlete, playboy billionaire, with a teasing smile and a body fit for a spread in a magazine…

“So that’s a yes, then?” He smiled down at me, looking as sexy as sin and just as tempting.

I wanted to say no; I truly did. The last thing I needed was to sit around drinking with my employer’s son. But a drink or two wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

Lacey knows the last thing she needs is an impromptu birthday celebration in Vegas, but when her eccentric boss makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she hesitantly accepts. Things quickly go awry when her boss’s son, Jude, decides to tag along. A former athlete, playboy billionaire, with a teasing smile and a body fit for a spread in a magazine, Lacey knows that getting involved with Jude will mean trouble.

But maybe trouble, in the form of an unorthodox “arrangement” with a sexy billionaire, is exactly what the pragmatic, uptight, and undersexed Lacey needs.


I received this ARC directly from the author Summer Cooper just two days ago, looking at my TBR, I’m pretty sure I can’t be able to read it sooner. But man! After accidentally clicking this story in my Kindle and decided to try the first chapter, I instantly got hooked.

This story is about Lacey, a temp worker who got lucky to be employed as a secretary to a wealthy man who happened to have a hot stud son. It all happened too fast actually. They first met at an ice cream shop and that was really an embarrassing one for her. The second meeting was equally funny too and quite awkward to her part haha. My! This story isn’t just romantic but will also leave you laughing your heart out, haha. I can’t even count how many times I laugh lol.

Their story was surprisingly new to me, well, the idea of this hot stud billionaire guy falling for a poor girl isn’t new but how their story started was kind of refreshing for me. I love that every scene was unique and hilariously entertaining, can you believe that I was even entertained by Jude’s ailing father?! Haha.

I love the plot and I would have hated the conflict too, but after learning why she did that, why she walked out on him, I understand now. I know if I would have been in her position, I would have done that too, but she was thinking about walking away from him forever, and I was like, no! just for tonight lol. But after hearing her side and what she experienced before, man! This story is just great. It instantly sealed my 5 star rating. I also love the fact that her friend Emmaline is having her HEA too, so that leaves everyone’s happy eh?

For the characters? Yay! This really can’t wait, I’ll have to start with Jude hehehe. When Jude was first introduced without mentioning his name, I have to say that he already caught my attention. What I like for a fictional hero is to have a sexy sense of humor and he perfected that. Take note, I already have that judgment during their first meeting. And man! I’m really happy that I was right. I love his humor and his shameless flirting to Lacey. I don’t easily fall in love with the hero, but for this story, it’s just so surprising how it happened too fast. Take note, I never even like the name Jude, but I guess for this time I have to give exemption haha, because this same guy is like my dream man. He’s a flirt, funny, plus he’s very sweet. I also love that hiss character was far from what I expected from a rich-born kid, well, I wouldn’t really mind if he’s spoiled because he can definitely perfectly own the title and still have me captivated. But when I found out about his work. Man!!!!! Are you for real dude? I could go on forever about his character you know, but I suppose that will bore you so I’ll just stop hehe.

Lacey on the other hand was fine with me. I didn’t feel threatened, which what I usually feel when I love the hero haha. I actually love her sense of humor too and all those awkward and embarrassing things she did. If you’re able to read this story, please look up to the Vegas scenes. Haha, she really stepped up her game on those scene lol. Aside from being courageous and all, I also love the fact that the author added a little lesson to her story, a lesson about living your life to the fullest and never be afraid to take up new challenges and from putting behind all the bad things that happened to you before to be able to face the future and claim your happiness, and with this story’s epilogue, she sure did claim her happiness big time.

This was actually my first time reading a story from the author and I have to say that I’m really impressed. I love the tone of this story, it sounded exactly like the romance stories I usually enjoy. I also love that the author uses very easy to read and comprehend words, so that’s really a big plus. I honestly can’t find anything that I hate in this story, so you can absolutely conclude that this story totally deserve my 5-star rating.

If you want a romantic story that will not just make you fall in love but will also laugh your hearts out, then Billionaire in Vegas is absolutely perfect for you.

And lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the author Summer Cooper for this wonderful story and for letting me read it in advance 🙂



Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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