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8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and everyone of us obviously been saving that day to spend with our first love, which is our dad. Of course it’s not just on Father’s Day that we should treat our dad but it should be everyday if possible. But with a hectic schedule, school work, long hours in the office and all, it’s hard for the two of you to find time to spend together. To help the dynamic duo build a better bond and make amazing memories together, I’ve come up with these 8 father and daughter bonding activities for your inspiration. Beware, most activities in my list were unconventional or may sounds weird or corny to you, so please bear with me. *wink


  1. Reading a book together

Reading a book | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

If both of you loves reading, then it’s definitely perfect to find a book both of you will enjoy. What I always like about this one is that you can have a book buddy where you can discuss what pisses you off or what you love about the book you both just read. I always love discussion especially if it’s about books and sharing that with my father sounds pretty exciting, especially if I’m the one who chooses what book to read. And I’m thinking erotic romance, haha. Well, you can’t blame me, I love to annoy my old man.


  1. Cut his hair.

Cut his hair | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

This one’s going to be dangerous especially to your dad if you don’t know how to cut anyone’s hair. Imagine what he will look like after that eh? haha. I actually tried this one a dozen of times now and I have to say that I enjoyed every bit of it. My old man is a tight wad so he colored and cut his own hair, but since he can’t do his back, he always ask me to color or cut it for him. And man! I can’t help but giggle whenever I joke him about the wrong cut or when I tell him that it doesn’t look good on him.

Cutting my old man’s hair is actually my most favorite thing I do with him. I am actually searching now for some new hairstyles I could do to him when I get back home. (insert evil laugh)


  1. Do a cooking show with him

Cooking show | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

I enjoy cooking and I love discovering some new recipes and trying them. For this activity, you can ask your dad to critic your cooking. Cooking together could be a great idea too, but by following my idea, you could have more fun. Why’s that? Well, I just said cooking show right? So for this activity, you don’t just cook but you’ll be your own host and present every ingredients you are using and tell him what exactly you are doing with them. Isn’t that more fun? Haha, imagine your dad being the formidable Gordon Ramsay and I’m pretty sure he’ll own it, lol.


  1. Karaoke

Karaoke | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

Our family’s bonding involves a mic and a karaoke machine. Doing karaoke with just my dad may not sound unique since we always sing together but imagine having a competition on who sang best or who got more Karaoke points? Isn’t that one sounds fun? And the winner ofcourse get to let the loser do something for him/her.


  1. Do photo shoot

Photo Shoots | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

As millennial or someone who’s always young at heart, we do love taking pictures especially of ourselves, haha. So have a mini photo shoot with your dad in your home, at a local park or any other location. Do a candid, goofy, model, runaway or even themed shots and then display it in your home and he’ll absolutely beam at the sight of them.


  1. Attend a concert

Concerts | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

Whether it’s a small concert in the park or a symphony, there’s nothing more fun than enjoying good music with your old man aight?


  1. Joyride

Joyride | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

I love going to different places. My old man doesn’t travel much, unless you count going to the city to buy groceries, so exploring new places with him would sure be fun.


  1. Go camping

Camping | 8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas

Camping out with your old man reminisce the old times. The time where he taught you some practical skills like setting up the tent or making a fire. All night, you could roast some hot dogs and exchange some scary ghost story.

What I always looking forward to it is not just the s’mores but sharing a moment with my dad under the stars. Now isn’t that just romantic?


Above are some of my suggestions you could do with your dad especially this Father’s Day. Eating out on some fancy restaurant sure sounds great, but once in a while, it pays to do a little different or weird with your dad too.

Lastly, keep your relationship alive and make sure your dad knows that you are always there for him even how old or far away you are.

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8 Father and Daughter Bonding Ideas | Blushing Geek