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Book Review – The Sex Tourist by Olivia Wild

The Sex Tourist by Olivia Wild | Blushing GeekPublished by: Olivia Wild Publishing
Publication Date: May 26, 2016
Genre: True Story, Suspense
506 pages
Format: eBook
Source: from the author
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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When sex worker Lilian falls for a British guy she can’t help but imagine a better life for herself, but the temptation of easy money will ultimately seal her fate.

After finding Lilian’s diary, her sister, Vivian, sparks a private international man hunt across three continents, using whatever resource she can and without any help from the authorities, in the hope of catching her sister’s killer. But to do so Vivian must also face the shocking reality of the life her sister had led. The trail to discover the truth is often more complicated than it first seems…


This book now holds the title as the most challenging book I’ve read so far. Fifty Shades of Grey can’t even reach 30% in comparison with this story.

I received an email from the author, Olivia Wild a few months ago but even though I agreed to read it, I’m still finding some excuses to set it aside. I’m not really sure why, I guess I’m just preparing myself with the wild adventure this book is going to bring.

And after quite a long time of making excuses, I finally gave in and braved myself into reading this story. And man!!! The first page was already intense. I dreaded reading stories about the character being raped or is selling her body for money so imagine what I felt with the first part of this story.

Oops, I blabbered already without giving you an idea about this story eh? You see, this one is a true to life story, it was written by both the author and her deceased sister and it tackled the dark world of sex trafficking. That idea alone sealed my decision about accepting to review this book. And heck! I can’t wipe this smug look in my face because I did the right choice.

The first part of this story were full of SPG scenes so it’s really not suitable for younger readers. I heard about sex trafficking before but is shameful to admit that I never really given it some time to read news about it. But man! Reading this story made me understand why there are some girls who chose to do it. Whatever reason each of us has, I know it’s still wrong, but I can totally sympathize. Your mother was sick, the bills are piling up and it won’t disappear on their own and with a boyfriend who pimp you into doing it, I’m not even sure what I would do if I were in that situation.

I don’t want to drop some spoiler so I guess I’ll make this review a little mysterious instead eh? While the first part of this story was about Lilian’s story as a sex worker, the part two started right after her death which was continued by her twin sister Vivian. And man! It’s been a long time since I’ve been this agitated reading a story. The suspense was just too overwhelming but once in a while it got cut off when Paul and Vivian acting sweet to each other. I dunno but there’s always an unwritten role about your friend’s ex right? How much more with your sister! I’m not judging, I’m just not feeling it.

While I sympathize with the first part of this story, I have to say that my favorite would be part two. It’s been mentioned that Lilian wasn’t that good in English yet so I understand some grammar issues, the part two even though it’s continuing what the part one left off, I can easily notice the difference. I know I’m not in the right position to judge but there were times that I encounter some grammar issues but so far it was better than the first part. Though there’s nothing remarkable with the way this story was written, the idea and emotion was in there. I love the honesty and I admire the courage the author put into this story. It’s like being naked in front of many people and it’s absolutely the best memorial for Lilian. To her family, especially her dad and her sister, I hope of all you were now living peacefully after finally achieving justice for Lilian. I don’t recommend putting the justice into your hands and will never ever recommend such, but I can totally understand what needs to be done, besides, the guy totally deserves it.

You see, it’s a true to life story and I don’t usually talks about the character and scrutinized them and this story is no different. There were ofcourse some parts that I wish weren’t in this story but that’s what happened. But let me comment about Vivian. If I’ve been in her situation, I’m not sure I can ever do what she did. She’s been very courageous and was very wise especially about the scene with her dad and the guy who raped her sister.

While I was reading the first part, I’m already sure I’m going to give this one a 3.5 star rating but after reading the second part, man! I love the suspense, the mystery and the sleuthing. Plus, I’m just happy it has a happy ending. So cheers for 4 stars!

Another consolation is their father, even when he’s already divorced with their mother, he’s still there for them and supporting them especially Vivian when he found her plan to avenge her sister. It’s just pure luck you know, that Vivian is studying veterinary and knows a lot about DNA sampling and was quick to judge about her sister’s murder even when she was shocked to find it out.

And I guess I can’t belittle Paul’s great help with the vengeance ofcourse. His knowledge about computer totally was badass. But what’s more badass was what Vivian did to avenge her sister.

I understand that this story isn’t what people normally reads, but for readers out there especially women, I highly recommend this book. It maybe a little challenging to read especially the first part but all you need to have is an open mind. Thanks and enjoy!





Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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