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#ReadOutLoudChallenge Accepted!

I’ve accepted @nbsalert #ReadOutLoudChallenge. Reading out loud some lines from 6 of the books that I’ve read to spread the love for reading and to support @nbsfoundation. This challenge will help build one school library in a community in the Philippines for every 75 videos uploaded. The goal is to reach 75,000 videos or 100 libraries in the country, which will help thousands of Filipino kids especially those who have no easy access to quality books.

The mechanics are:
1. Pick your favorite line from any book.
2. Take a video of yourself reading it out loud. Upload it on Facebook and / or Instagram. (but I decided to share it in this blog too to target larger audience)
3. In the caption, tag @nbsalert, #ReadOutLoudChallenge, and 3 or more friends.

Check out National Book Store blog for more details: http://blog.nationalbookstore.com/lets-do-the-readoutloudchallenge/

Here’s the link of my tumblr account so you can read all of my favorite lines from the books that I’ve read: https://citationsavenue.tumblr.com/tagged/book-quotes

I am just a simple girl who loves to combine my two favorite things in the world – books and travel. I enjoy discovering new places, either real or fantasy, and share them through my blog. Other than that, I’m a Filipina, photo junkie, Otaku, 100% geek, a lover of all things cute, movie/tv buff, in my 20s and a proud book hoarder.

    • What an interesting challenge. Good luck with it!

    • Hehe, thanks Geybie 🙂

    • I like the challenge! 😀

    • Nice video, very interesting challenge! Will do this as well 😀

      • That’s great Ardee. Let’s help create more library in the Philippines!

    • good luck for your challenge!

    • That is so cool, Vanessa! Love that you’re doing this to help with literacy and libraries in the Phillippines.

      • It really is! Thanks Sophia Rose, I hope we could be able to reach the target for the kids. Cross fingers!