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Book Review – Bryan Quintana by Sonia Francesca

Series: Stallion Revisited, #11
 Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published: January 2017 by Precious Hearts Romances
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Napasok si Ella sa isang arranged marriage dahil sa isang pangyayari na kinasangkutan ng namayapa niyang ama. But she led a very pampered life and loved every bit of it, so she would do anything to defy that marriage. Wala siyang balak na hayaan ang isang estranghero na basta na lang pumasok sa payapa at maayos niyang buhay. Gusto niya na mapag-isa. Masaya at kontento siya sa pag-iisa at walang pakialam kung hindi man makapag-asawa. Basta may pera siya.

Pero nalaman ni Ella na mahalaga ang papel ng mapapangasawa niya para masiguro ang maayos at payapa niyang buhay. At ang pera niya. Idagdag pa ang katotohanan na ang Stallion boy na inihulog sa kanya ng Diyos ay buo ang paniwalang mapapapayag siya sa kasal na iyon, using all romantic tactics to dismantle her cold, cold heart.

“Hindi ako playboy. Good boy ako. Lalo na ngayong ikakasal na ako. Takot ko lang sa future misis kong walang kasingganda.”

Peste. Kinilig yata siya do’n, ah.


Well, as always, this one’s another great romantic story from Sonia Francesca. Bryan Quintana is the 11th story in the Stallion Series Revisited. When I first found out last January that there’s a new book coming, I’ve been scouting all bookstores to find it but unfortunately all of them were sold out. Luckily a few weeks ago, I finally purchased one! Well, the long wait is definitely worth it because this story is as good as the other books in this series. I’ve been giggling like crazy that my dog is looking at me like I’m a pyscho lol.

This novella started with the introduction of the female lead which is Micaela Santibanez. She’s a spoiled only child by Mr. and Mrs. Santibanez. I thought at first that she’s a brat but not totally since she understood all her parents efforts for her own good and always follow their decision even the idea of marrying her to a man she doesn’t even have met. I know there’s something off about her character since that’s not how Sonia Francesca wrote her female lead so when Micaela, or also known as Ella was alone in her room, she finally revealed her true feelings about the arrange marriage and silently devising a plan so that the guy himself would be the one to cancel the wedding. And not just that, she’s definitely a kickass. You’re curious? You’ve got to check out the flying corned beef scene, haha. Now that’s what Sonia Francesca’s female lead I am familiar of!

On the next chapter, we were finally introduced to Bryan Quintana, the guy Micaela is going to marry. He was in the Stallion Riding Club, which is the famous all-guy club in the country which is also known as a place where handsome and riches guys in the country flocks, when his co-members found out about his unexpected marriage. That scene is absolutely the main reason why I love this series. I love how these guys banter and teases each other that will absolutely leave you laughing your heart out. It was also so funny when they did some terrible prank to him, especially when they confiscated his phone and found out about the thirteen pretties and five beauties which they compared him to a druglord for his way of hiding their identities lol. I could go on like forever mentioning all their pranks but I’m afraid a single review post wouldn’t be enough. It was only a very short read but it gave me the impression that I read a longer one instead. There’s a lot of things happened in this story and so far, I didn’t encounter any questionable scenes, only romantic scenes that I can’t help but quote Ella.

There’s just something about Bryan that when you’re with him, you can’t help but really fall in love. “

He’s very lovable and likes to tease Ella which sometimes pisses and irritate her. I love how the old Ella, who doesn’t want to share her wealth to anyone and doesn’t believe in love changed and fell in love with Bryan. Well, that’s definitely not surprising since I told you how lovable Bryan is. His lines were swoon worthy so I wasn’t surprised to find out that she’s the first one who admitted that she loves him, considering how cold hearted she first was. Aside from the romantic scenes, this novella also composed of so many funny scenes that made me enjoy this story even more. I really miss the twins and it was also great to know that there’s new Stallion Boys introduced, so I am expecting more books in this series in the near future. Isn’t that exciting?

Aside from that, I also love that Bryan believed that Ella can run their corporation even if she’s a woman and other people think that she can’t. He even helped her get used to running it. Isn’t that just sweet?

All were great but I am giving this story a 4.5 instead of 5 stars because it contains a part where I really didn’t like. I really hate it when the main characters complicates things even if it’s so obvious that they love each other. Why do they do that? Well, good thing it wasn’t dragged too long but only for a few pages plus, I think the author noticed my annoyance because after the “complicated” part, the confession was finally introduced. It’s obvious that both of them love each other that’s why I was a bit disappointed when Bryan tapped into the drama department and cancel the wedding. Don’t ask me why. But after all that happened, I have to say that all turned out great except for Zero lol, poor guy.

I’m not sure if it’s safe to say that you can read it standalone though you can read the whole lovestory of Bryan and Micaela here completely without being cutoff. I remember when I first read a book from the Stallion Riding Club Series (which is where this series first started), it was the story of Crawford which was the 17th book of the said series, and I was, well, not totally confused but curious why the girls are literally displaying themselves to these so-called stallion boys. Who the heck would could them boys when they’re obviously man, gorgeous men to be exact. So if you happen to have a copy of the later books of this series, well, let me give you an introduction what’s with the horses and all.

Stallion Riding Club is the prestigious and famous riding club in the country. It’s composed of not just wealthy guys but also good looking, that’s why in the first and second batch of the SRC series, most girls either rich or poor are dying to marry a stallion guy. They have this so-called tradition that the woman they chose to ride in their horses will be the woman they are going to marry. Kind of cheesy but I really fell for that reading the first 20 books of this series.

So that’s it. I guess you’re now ready to read any book from this series. I really hope there’s an english edition of this series so everybody can read it. Well, we can’t have everything eh? So if you’re a hopeless romantic Filipina, Bryan Quintana and all the guys from the Stallion Series is absolutely perfect for you.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Bryan Quintana by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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