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Wattpad Review – Island of Fire by Jonaxx

Series: Costa Leona, #3
Genre: Tagalog Romance
42 chapters
Format: eBook
Source: Wattpad
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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While I was still reading this story, I have outpouring things to say about it. But now that I’m done, I’m not sure where to start. This story is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s too beautiful that I don’t know where to start.

Island of Fire is the third book of the Costa Leona series. The first two books received the same high praised from me and I am really happy that Jonaxx didn’t disappoint with this one. Well, this is Jonaxx we are talking about, so it’s not a surprise at all hehe.

For the last three months, I’ve read a pile of books from my TBR but all of them failed to made me fall madly in love with the hero, it’s only Jonaxx, Sonia Francesca and Kelly Oram creates heroes that were just too hard for me to resist. That’s why I’m so happy that that wonderful feeling resurrected and so is my insanity haha.

The first book from the Costa Leona series were about a Riego who was born poor but fell in love with his young boss. The second book was about the heroine who can’t remember anything even about the guy she loves. How about in its third book? I’m not sure how to explain it for it’s really not something I’ve read from other authors before or watched on TV so I’ll just give you some overview eh?

The story started five years ago when Zari rejected her engagement to Radleigh. (I’m not going to explain why for I don’t want to spoil the fun hehe) Zari was a high-breed brat and a shopaholic. After the failed engagement, she decided to study architecture in Spain, and five years after came back to the Philippines to salvage their dying company and to get her dad out from prison because of his loans for his addiction to gambling. Zari didn’t have any other choice but to send a letter to Rad for her proposal to have a marriage-in-name only for the merger of their company. Funny, because that’s exactly their issue before. What happened after that will make your hearts go gaga. Read more below.

What I always adore about Jonaxx’s stories is that I never get bored, I never skipped some lines because I’m afraid I’ll miss something. Well, actually I did skip haha. Not because I don’t like the scene or whatever but because I feel conscious for the heroine. Conscious for what? The lines I skipped were some bed scenes. Normally, I will read it but with Jonaxx, nah, I can’t. Her stories really affected me like I think I am the heroine and I am making love with the hero. I know it sounds funny, cheesy or even absurd, but that’s what her stories do to me. As usual, I haven’t read anything from this story to other stories before. Unlike the first two books, the setting isn’t centered in Costa Leona but in Manila. The story mostly talks about real estate since that’s what both of the main characters companies are all about. I really don’t have questions or I haven’t find even a single flaw in this story and all were obviously well researched. The first few parts of this story involves suspense and that was a new one from Jonaxx and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. There’s no third party but there’s a lot of ex’s that the heroine always gets jealous of. The execution of scenes and the delivery of lines were perfect especially Rad’s (Radleigh), and thinking about it now, I can’t help but grin like an idiot. The only thing I noticed about this story was that there were some spelling errors but that’s understandable since she is writing this story in Wattpad, which you can completely read for free. Isn’t this author just amazing?!

Another thing I like about this story is that it didn’t just focused on romance, it also give us lessons in life that we can relate to particularly to Zari’s character. How she was this headstrong brat to an independent woman she is now.

And speaking of romance, dang!!! I started reading this story last night but I didn’t have any intention of finishing it that time because this story is long with 42 long chapters with an epilogue that was taken from the hero’s POV. I remember how tired I was before I decided to read this story but I ended up staying late because I’m really so drawn to this story. If it wasn’t because the battery of my phone was drained, I’m sure I wouldn’t have dared to sleep that night lol. And speaking of chapters, my favorite would be the epilogue. All 41 chapters were taken from the heroine’s POV that’s why I am always looking forward for the epilogue for that’s the time the hero speaks for himself, how he fell in love, what he felt about the heroine during some intense scenes, what’s he’s thinking and everything else. And yep, this one didn’t disappoint at all. I love happy ending, and this one has it big time, I’m just so happy that all turned out fine after all that had happened.

For Zari, we’ve got to read about her transformation from being the stubborn brat to an independent woman she is now. Her character is undeniably realistic plus I love the fact that the author added some lesson for her character, not just about being a brat but also a lesson about not to live with what other people’s expectations, about not living base on what is acceptable to others and not give a dang about their opinions especially if its the right thing to do and it’s what makes you happy. There’s nothing spectacular about her character but I love to read how she affects the guys in their company. What about it? Well, let just say that she inherited Rapunzel’s long hair lol. Her character was fine but once in a while, I find it quite irritating how easily she could get jealous and she’s very insecure too. Well, if I have an “obscenely handsome” man like Rad, maybe I’ll be that jealous or insecure with her ex’s too lol.

Rad. Well, what can I say? He’s perfect, definitely perfect!  He’s the perfect example of a guy that even if he came from a rich family, he grew up to be responsible and independent. Imagine, he graduated without his family’s financial support! He’s not just a nerd type of guy but he’s certainly a looker even with his glasses on. All Tagalog romance makes their hero perfect, especially their physical appearance and that normally ticks me off, but with Jonaxx?! Nah! They’re perfect and all but I don’t feel irritated, like it’s just normal. Well, if you read her stories, you will really be convinced. Promise, you will! Aside from that, I really salute Rad for being patient and for loving and yes, seducing Zari, haha. The seducing part is my favorite actually. He’s the jealous type too but I’m not annoyed, well, jealous guys never annoys me especially if they’re Jonaxx’s heroes hehe. Plus, most of his lines were so swoon worthy! Actually, I’ve compiled them on my Tumblr account here.

Jonaxx’s stories is really bad for my sleep, concentration especially at work and my sanity. If I am reading her stories, I really can’t think of anything but the story, that’s why even if I’m not usually good with multitasking, I learned to be an expert with it haha; while working, I read. Shhh, don’t tell my boss hehe. I’ve read most of her stories except those that are still updating in Wattpad. I don’t really want to be cutoff that’s why I’m making sure her stories are complete before I decided to read them. The best thing about Wattpad is having Jonaxx. I wish there’s an English version of her stories because I’m sure a lot will love it.

If you’re looking for a story that will make you desperately skip sleep, haha, then the Island of Fire by Jonaxx is absolutely a great choice. It’s the third book from the Costa Leona series but you can definitely read it standalone. Btw, there’s quite a number of SPG scenes in this story and most of them were in the shower (even with their confrontation lol), so I’m not recommending it to younger readers. But if you want to read it, why not? hehe.

As a parting note, let me leave you with Rad’s line that I’m sure will urge you to read this story.

She rejected me twice, I blackmailed her the third time..”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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