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Book Review – Toxic Girl by Chantal Fernando

Published by: Chantal Fernando
Publication Date: First published April 10, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
255 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Everyone has secrets.

Finally, I had a fresh start.
I knew no one.
I could be anyone, or so I thought.
I wanted to be invisible, to blend into the background.
But it turned out keeping my secret wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Enter Grayson Mills.

When Grayson noticed me, so did everyone else.
He wanted me. Bad.
And what Grayson wanted, he usually got.


The moment I saw the cover and read the title of this story, I know it’s going to be intense that’s why I prepared myself for that. But what I’m not prepared about is that I’m going to read it that night, let alone read it that fast!

This story is about Paris who works as a stripper to a club named Toxic. During her first day of College, she bumped into Grayson. Her plan of being out of the spotlight and live “as much as possible” a normal life started to change that day.

Honestly, I have a love and hate relationship with this story. The first few pages won me over and the idea really intrigued me, but there were some twists and turns in this story that is making me frustrated and kind of mad at the same time. It’s just quite annoying reading a story where the girl easily get jealous and always jumps into conclusion without even hearing his explanation. Well, to be fair, the guy is the jealous type too, but he’s kinda cute when he gets jealous. The girl is just too much sometimes. She always assume the worse which is really sad because this story would have been great minus the numerous SPG scenes of course *wink

The storyline is not that surprising really, a stripper falls in love with a rich guy and the guy falls in love with her and accepts her for all she is. (Yep, I just dropped a spoiler there, haha, sorry) There were some parts though that I thought I already know what’s going to happen, and that I’ve been thinking of ditching it because what I’ve predicted were quite unbearable to read. But I’m glad I braved the book and ended up slapping my own forehead because it didn’t happen lol, haha. So far, the story was good but I just don’t approve of the numerous SPG scenes, it’s just too much to read for 1 night haha. But I’m so enamored with the side characters especially to her sister London. She started as the pain in the ass, but it’s just so great to know that she is working on changing for the better. Plus, her lines were so hilarious sometimes that I find myself laughing like an idiot lol.

I hate third party especially if she’s very persistent, but if I were Paris, I wouldn’t be really threatened at all. Why’s that? Well, Grayson is just so whipped that I’m afraid he’ll die instantly if she got away from him. He’s so in love that I can’t understand Paris’ side about getting jealous all the time, like huh? I like Grayson’s character; I like how he loves Paris so much that he accepts her for everything. At first few pages, I was a bit disappointed at him at the scene where he just walked out. And then, all were explained so he’s forgiven haha. I like his character but I don’t remember squealing or falling in love with him. So yep, that’s absolutely the reason why it doesn’t have a perfect 5-star rating. I could have given it 4, but the jealous thingy is just too maddening to read.

The story’s setting is in Australia but unlike the other stories sets in Australia that I’ve read before, this one is so pretty easy to read. The number of characters isn’t that too many so they’re easy to track. There are still a lot of things to improve though, but I was entertained. I guess I should give it to London, the couple’s Anaya and Paul, and Aiden for being so funny. Plus, the sibling relationship added in this story totally warmed my heart.

This is my first time reading a story from the author but I couldn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t read more from her.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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