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Wattpad Review – Bedroom Negotiations by Pajama_addict

Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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I am a wild child. I do what I want and I don’t make excuses for my deeds. He’s too prim and proper for my taste but I thought a one-time deal wouldn’t hurt. Or would it?


I thought there’s no such thing as perfect, but this story proved me wrong. Even if its wattpad edition doesn’t have an ending, I still can’t will myself not to give this story a 5-star rating. Other people might think that it’s way too intense and contains numerous SPG scenes, but I simply don’t care! Actually, when reading stories like this, all you need to have is to be open minded! Well, as I’ve said, this story doesn’t have an ending and I really found myself wanting to read it, who wouldn’t right? But the author didn’t totally left me a total loser because its last two chapters somewhat gave us some idea how this story gonna end. Which ofcourse would be way better in the published version than what I have in mind, so I’ll sure to order myself a copy. *wink.

As what the title says, this story indeed contains unsuitable scenes and languages to younger readers so I am not really recommending this book to readers 18 below. This story started when Lia (female lead) and Dustin (male lead) had s*x after attending a party. Lia thought it’s just going to be a one-time affair, but little did she knew that it’s just the start of something. A certain “something” that will slowly change her idea about relationships, love, having children and getting married.

I remember I’ve read one story from the author but just like this story, it doesn’t have an ending. In normal circumstances, I could just have been disappointed and just read other stories from other wattpad authors, but deym! I just can’t! I think that this story is way too awesome to be just taken for granted and I want everyone to know that.

Just as reading its first chapter, I just can’t deny how well written this story is. I guess that’s also the reason why I stayed late that night just to finish it. This story isn’t just about romance, but it also contains hilarious funny scenes and lines that makes my reading experience so much better. I love the fact that even if it’s way too intense because of those SPG scenes, the humor this story contains helped me not to totally lose my mind because of the overwhelming feeling this story will make you feel.

At first, I was really confused who’s the guy Lia had s*x with on the first chapter because he wasn’t really properly named. It even makes the idiot out of me because I thought it was Nicholai lol, which is actually the boyfriend of her younger sister, so I was just like, huwaaat?! But then, the name of the “meaty” guy came in and I was like, laughing so hard. Lol. Not because he’s funny (which is sometimes he is when he’s flirting lol) but because of my idiot guess, haha.

I’ve read and watched movies with some sort of “friends with benefits” and “no strings attached” arrangement of its main characters, but I have to say that it’s my first time to encounter a story like this. It’s not just the story line that is unique, but I also love that this story isn’t cliché like what I’ve expected. It has numerous SPG scenes but as usual, I didn’t feel molested or violated. I love the fact that the author writes those scenes so good that I can’t help but giggle, haha. When the conflict was introduced, honestly, I find it quite familiar. But the author did something exceptional that my idea about this story being cliché instantly erased from my system. This story also has a b*tch third party but I didn’t feel annoyed, because it turns out that Lia’s b*tchier and I really like that, hahaha. And also, have I told you that it was actually my first time to read a book that it’s the guy who’s doing the seducing? Deym!! And also, he cried, not just once for her! Deym! This book is really something.

“Lia, please, give him a chance. Akala ko rin si Lauren ang dahilan kung bakit sya naglasing kanina but even when Lauren got married, I never saw him cry. But he cried in front of you and that should tell you a lot. He might not be the most romantic person in the whole universe but his sincerity is real. Maybe he’s intimidated by you and he doesn’t know how to tell you about his feelings. Maybe he was trying to protect himself from further hurt but the guy put his heart out there, hindi ka man lang ba naaawa?”

What I also like about this story is that it has so many share worthy lines that I actually compiled here. And I also love the fact that this story is no-nonsense at all. It’s arguments on some sensitive topics all makes sense and I can’t help but salute the author well enough about it.

“If you want to lose it ay hindi dahil naiinggit ka, or trip mo lang o gusto mong i-prove yung worth at pagmamahal mo dun sa lalaking pagbibigyan mo nyan. One’s virginity is not something that you use as a banner to announce your value as a woman, Lee Ann. Tatandaan mo yan, it’s a piece of flesh that does not define who you are pero hindi rin nangangahulugang ilalako mo na lang yan. Lose it, I hope not very soon, for the right reasons.”

I don’t have any violent reactions and complaints about the characters especially on its main leads. It has only few characters mentioned in this story so they’re so easy to keep track. Lia’s character is actually my ideal female lead. I love the fact that she’s tough and strong and won’t let anyone hurt her or her family. Some people might think that she’s a b*tch, but what I like about it is that if you treat her right, she’ll be good to you, but if you treat her like a trash, the b*tch inside her will really make you wish that you never met her. What I also love about her is how she love her sisters, definitely a sister goal. I really love her character, but I was kind of annoyed on her being so hard headed but I guess that’s just reasonable because she’s pregnant.

Dustin on the other hand is so “papalicious”, haha. He made me squeal and squirm in bed while reading this story and I am loving his physical description, haha, me drooling. Pajama_addict is one of those few tagalog romance authors that makes its male character sounds like a guy and not like a girl. What I also love about Dustin’s character is he’s so persistent and eventhough how many times Lia insulted him, he still come back to her. Isn’t that just too sweet? He’s also very understanding and sexy ofcourse haha.

“Alam mo, ako ang nanliliit sa salitang ikama. Kung kama lang ang habol eh di sana naghanap na lang ako ng iba. Why would I go through the trouble of chasing you when I can have any woman I want?”

Both the main characters are not exactly perfect like what most romance novel do. They both have their own share of flaws that all of us could easily reflect.

“Will you marry me? Please, let’s get married. I know that I have shortcomings. I will never be perfect and I am not going to say that I will change for you because I am sure that it is impossible. But I promise to give you my best. I promise to give us my best.”

I don’t know what to say anymore to make you read this story, but I guess my 5-star rating is enough? Read this story and be ready to be in love.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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