Book Review – Biru-Biruan ng Puso by Sonia Francesca

Published by: Precious Hearts Romances
Publication Date: First printing, 2004
Genre: Tagalog Romance
128 pages
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Pretzel was never shy about showing her feelings to any guy she fancied. Kaya naman nang makilala niya si Alec, as usual ay kinapalan na niya ang kanyang mukha at nagpa-cute siya rito-nang paulit-ulit.

Subalit nanatiling dead-ma ito sa mga pagpapacharming niya. Every time she teased him, he would just tolerate her and disregard her like he never heard anything she said. Idinadaan naman kasi niya sa biro ang pagpaparamdam dito.

What she didn’t count on was that crush would turn into a full-blown love. Well, that was okay.

If only Alec felt the same way towards her…


I purchased a copy of Biru-biruan ng Puso last December as a Christmas gift for myself. I don’t know what happened why it took me this effing long to finally find time to read it because I’ve been dying to read it the moment I know that the parents of my favorite Samaniego twins has their own story!

Going back, well, actually I don’t know what to say. I guess I just discovered another side of me when I love the story, haha.

Biru-biruan ng puso started when Pretzel was in Rancho Estate to look at the place and see if she would like to live there. While talking to his dad on the phone, she saw Alec on his balcony talking to someone in the phone too. She keeps on looking at him that she wasn’t aware what she’s stepping at. Yep, she had a little accident pertaining canal lol. Yep, and that’s how their story started.

What I first noticed in the story is how I missed Sonia Francesca’s heroines. I love how witty they are, and Pretzel certainly is one. The idea of a super aloof guy and unaffected to the girl’s obvious attraction to him is not new to me. I’ve read a story and watched a movie with the same plot before. I thought at first that I’ve got everything figured out. But dang! The twists and turns hit me like a hurricane and I just then conclude that this story is not entirely cliché. The idea of pretense romance and arrange marriage is old news already but how Sonia Francesca incorporated it in this story is what makes it unique to other stories that I’ve read before.

I’m not sure that I like the conflict but I do sure that I don’t hate it. All were presented perfectly that I cried two times in this story. It’s just a very short read with only 128 pages, but making me cry twice? I’m not sure how that happened.

All I know is that I love this story. I love how we were introduced to the character particularly to Pretzel. Behind her cheery personality is the girl who’s afraid to be left behind. I love knowing why she do all those things that she do, and I love to know more about her character. But ofcourse, I still love her cheery side most. Now I know where the twins and Diosa got their attitudes lol.

For Alec. Well, it’s been pretty obvious in its first chapter what kind of man he is. He’s not a smiley person, he’s always serious and doesn’t tolerate jokes. But mind you, he can drop a joke that will make you laugh while delivering it in serious tone and expression. Ofcourse he don’t smile with his jokes lol. He’s not usually showy with how he feels but I love the part that he finally disclose himself to Pretzel. The part that he finally admits that he also loves her is just so romantic.

Yep, I guess that’s the end of my spoiler haha.

For a very short novela, I think this is one of the few that really tricked me into thinking that it’s a 300+ page story. With Tagalog romance, the author usually exaggerates the appearance of the characters especially with the hero, but for this one, it’s not that too exaggerated but the almost perfect description is still there. Well, I wouldn’t mind at all since it’s very believable.

I like Alec, I like the description on how he looks. But my eyes are already set to the Samaniego twins particularly to Trigger and knowing it’s their father, I didn’t remember a time that I squealed in delight because of him. But ofcourse I could remember a romantic scene between the characters that is so romantic that I highlighted some parts. I’ve got them all compiled in my Tumblr account. You can read them here.

If you want a good story that will make your day, Biru-biruan ng Puso by Sonia Francesca is absolutely perfect for the job.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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