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Wattpad Review – Ymar Stroam by Cecelib

Series: Possessive, #7
 Tagalog Romance
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“When I met you, my heart became insane.” – Ymar Stroam

There are three words to describe the famous Dr. Ymar Stroam who owns the very successful and well known YS Pharmaceutical. Serious. Intimidating. And snob.

While Czarina Salem is jolly, energetic and secretly green minded. Oh. And she loves eating banana.

Magkaibang-magkaiba ang dalawa at alam na alam ‘yon ni kupido. But Cupid still decided to play with them.

One faithful night, while Czarina was busy flipping the pages of the Cosmopolitan Magazine, she heard a knock on the door. Akala naman niya ay si Channing Tatum o kaya naman si Chris Evan ang kumakatok kaya mabilis niyang pinagbuksan. But what she saw outside her doorsteps is neither Channing or Chris.

It’s not other than her hunky neighbor, the always brooding Doctor Hottie whose smile can drop your panties. Ang kaso, sa isang buwan na pagiging magkapit-bahay nila at paninilip niya sa kaguwapuhan nito ay napag-alaman niyang mamahalin ang ngiti ng Doctor.

But that night, Doctor Hottie smiled and even takes his clothes off in front of her! What the fudge is happening? Nagunaw na ba ang mundo at sila nalang dalawa ang natira?

Paborito niya ang prutas na saging, pero hindi yata kakayanin ng matris niya ang malaki at mahabang saging na nasa harapan niya.


I can still remember myself way back for being so hesitant to read stories with “sexy” scenes, but look at me now? Haha, I’ve been doing it in continuous eh? Well, you can’t blame me, I guess I’m having some sort of addiction haha. I should really blame it to Melanie Harlow’s Frenched.

While I was browsing on Wattpad, I’ve come across so many stories that I nonchalantly adding to my reading list, but when I’ve encounter this story, I know it’s going to be the next book I am going to read. I am planning to start reading a book from my reading list the next day, but even after I am already in bed and ready to drift off, this story keeps on bugging me. So right there and then, I decided to read this book which actually kept me awake until I finally reach its ending.

Unlike the previous Wattpad story that I’ve read, this one is surprisingly well written, which reminds me of Jonaxx. Just as I was starting this story, I already know I am really going to like it, but I’m wrong, because I LOVE it!

This story started when Czarina (female lead) moved to a village and came across to her handsome neighbor named, Ymar (male lead). She introduced herself to him even mentioning her occupation and her dream job (lol, I know haha) but her handsome neighbor just waved him off.

When I read that part, I instantly became jolly. I guess Czarina’s jolly disposition is really that contagious eh? As I proceed reading this story, I can’t help but make some assumptions, but deym, this author just proved me wrong. That said, this story is really unpredictable. The story line is quite cliché I know, but what I love about this story is that it was cleverly written. The twist and turns was perfectly written, though I really expected that this story is going to be no drama. I could have given it 4 stars because of that, but I found out something that changed my mind. What is that? Well, read this story to find out haha.

Unlike the previous book I’ve read, this story also showcases the male POV, perfect right? So you’ve got some idea on what the male lead is thinking especially on those scenes that is quite exciting. The scene that was mentioned on the book preview above came to me by surprise, haha. I’m really making a big fuss about it, and then when I read some comments about this book, I’ve just realize that yeah, I am reading the 7th book of the Possessive series, so obviously, I wouldn’t know about the dare lol. That said, I am really looking forward to read the 1st book, haha.

For the main characters, I really love Czarina. I love her jolly disposition and even her weird likeness towards bananas (don’t be green minded), haha. When I’ve read about that part, the cuteness of the Minions came to my mind. She’s also very outspoken and tends to say things that are in her mind, and I love that. Her character reminds me of Sonia Francesca’s female characters and that makes this story more appealing to me. And did I tell you that this series also makes me reminds of the Stallion series? Deym! And it also mentioned twins in the male lead’s circle of friends, I hope they have their story in this series too? The male lead on the other hand is so appealing. Normally, I don’t easily get attracted to book’s male lead, but in this book, I can’t help but be like Czarina and be attracted to him too. I love that he’s a snob and a serious type because when he started to like the girl, he changed. Isn’t that just great to read? Haha.

As said above, this book contains “sexy” scenes.  Normally “sexy” scenes are written in English eh? But this one, it’s in Tagalog haha. What I also like about this book is that those “sexy” scenes didn’t made me feel violated or molested, it was just so well written so you just need to be open-minded to read this book.

The conflict was realistic, though I really find annoying the third party thingy, but those annoyance just quickly faded when I reached the part where it was all explained. Not bad eh?

I always love happily ever after, and this story has one. I also love that this story contains epilogue so we’ve got to find out what happened to Czarina and Ymar’s love story. They even has twins do you know that? And it’s quite uncanny because their twins we’re born in different year, well, you’ve got to read this book to know how.

This story will make you fall in love, laugh, and keep you wanting for more. But beware, don’t read this book at night for you’ll have no sleep at all.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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