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Wattpad Review – The Gay Who Stabbed Me by Black Lily

Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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Other women fall for guys.

I fall for a gay.

The gay who stabbed me.


After satisfying my cravings for a jonaxx book, I found myself still craving for another tagalog romance. The first author that came to my mind was ofcourse, Jonaxx, but I have this massive (as in massive!) collection of reading list in my wattpad account so why not give chance to others eh? So I’ve just browse blindly and picked this story.

At first, I wasn’t really sure what made me read this story up until its ending. Because honestly, just on its first chapter, there’s already, ahmm, you know..”explicit” scene or if I’m basing it on the book, “more” scene, (haha, you’ll know why if you read this book). Aside from that, the first thing I’ve noticed about this book was that it wasn’t properly written unlike the stories from Jonaxx that I normally read. And I really don’t know what drive me into continuously reading it.

I know it started with those “more” scene but I wasn’t able to suppressed my laughter when I found out who’s the guy or should I say the “gay” whom she’d had her one night stand with. Haha, I know it’s a bummer but reading on its title, I know you’ll come up with that idea too. Dang! Base on the description, he sure indeed handsome. But why oh why you’re so gay? I’m not even sure what would be my reaction if the one who’ll get my virginity is a gay too, lol! So if I were you, never ever get drunk, haha.

On its first few chapters, I admit that I really didn’t like the story. I just realized now that I pursued this story because the idea of having to lost your virginity to a gay is quite hilarious and I can’t afford not to know what will happen next. I already had my speculations about this story. I thought it’s going to be like that or this. Though not all of my speculations happened, at least I’ve got some of it right. So it’s not entirely that cliché.

And you know what? I felt kinda “kilig” too. I even had my eyes only to Alexis (main male character) Omg! I can’t believe I’m blushing right now haha. And I really salute the author that she managed to made me feel this agitated and really absorbed my full attention to this story. And I hate to admit it, those “more” scenes were “oh so hot“. Oops! Stop making green minded speculations ok, haha. I just think that the author was able to give us easy to understand “more” scenes considering how difficult it would be to write those because it needs more intensity than a usual romantic scene. And oh! It wasn’t just about romance, it also has funny scenes too that made this story more interesting. Isn’t that fun?

For its characters, well, for Mandy (main female character) her name didn’t really sound right to me. I think it goes well with Lexie’s “gay” friends haha. No offense meant okay. I don’t really hate her character, but I don’t love her either. But I like how funny she could get sometimes. She’s also very vocal and always speaks her mind even if how lewd it was.

For Alexis, well, he’s handsome, hot, great in bed and even in the shower (oops, that accidentally slipped my mind haha) and all. Wow pare, nasayo na ang lahat! (Background music: Nasayo na ang lahat by Daniel Padilla) But seriously, his character isn’t just about perfection but also caters his imperfection. I just love how the author was able to add that part of him for at least it helped me understand his character more and his side of why he’s able to do the things he did.

For the story’s plot, well, I can’t say that I love it, but I’m 100% sure that I LIKED it. I like how the author was able to make this somewhat “ordinary and a little cliché story” to an extraordinary one. I don’t want to tackle how it happened for I’m afraid I would be able to give you guys an ultimate bummer so let’s just drop it and read this story eh? And well, obviously, this is my first story from the author and I am proud to say that I am looking forward to more of her stories.

And wait, do you know what made this story more interesting? It was able to give us all that realistic decision that two person could come up with after their loses and how they were able to be together after so many challenges they’ve encountered. So I would really say that “true loves really conquers all“.

And how could I forget? The happy ending. Yeah, this story indeed had that big time! And I’m so excited for you to read it. I know there’s a lot of “more” scenes in here, but I will tell you this, it’s going to be helpful to your love story and will made your relationship stronger than before. So read it now and spread the love.

You can read her story at Wattpad for free at the link provided above and after this review. Also, this story is now self published by the author and there’s some scenes added, grammar and spelling corrected so I’m sure it would now be a perfect story.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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