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Wattpad Review – She Who Stole Cupid’s Arrow by Aly Almario

Genre: Fantasy, Tagalog Romance
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Sabi nila, lahat ng taong sobrang in love ay nagiging desperada. Kaya naman sa kagustuhan ni Jillian na mahalin siya ni Luke, nagawa niyang nakawin ang pana ni Kupido. At dahil sa ginawa niya, limang tao ngayon ang nanganganib na hindi na mahahanap ang kanilang one true love at idagdag pa ang pag-a-alboroto ni Kupido dahil naudlot ang pagkikita nila ng kanyang asawa na si Psyche.


*currently listening to Ed Sheeran’s Photograph while writing this review.

I can’t believe it!!!! I’ve been a fan of Greek/Roman Mythology but I never got the chance to read one except when I was in Highschool and College, but I never missed watching movies with Greek/Roman Mythology theme. And deym! I never as in never ever imagined that the first Greek Mythology themed story (well, not entirely about the Greek gods and goddesses but they played a big part in this story) that I’m going to read will be written in tagalog, and let alone a romance story! Yeah right?

This story has been in my reading list for quite a while now. When I read the sypnosis, it just caught my attention and I just haphazardly added it to my never-ending reading list. I’m still  in the process of liking fantasy stories at that time so maybe it was the reason why it took me this long to finally read it.

When I read a story from an author for the first time, I always get nervous for I might not be able to enjoy it because I tend to be a bit picky sometimes, especially if I’m not in the mood. But lucky for me, because this author is just simply amazing. I love her writing style and I can’t believe I’ll feel this ecstatic reading her story for the first time!

As what the sypnosis says, this story started when Jillian (female lead) stole Cupid’s arrow so she could use it to her longtime crush, Luke, but unfortunately, she struck it to the wrong person. Wanna know who? Her hot yet peevish boss, West. That fun right? And it really is. I always like story that started with both the main characters hating each other. I love that kind of stories, but only a few of those stories really gets my attention, because the moment the main characters started to like each other, the writing style changes and it becomes too corny for my taste. But deym! This story is so far from corny or even boring!

I don’t want to elaborate more on how this story progresses because I’m afraid I’ll spoil you more, haha. If you’re a constant reader of my book reviews, you’ll know that I hate it when all the characters in the story are portrayed perfectly, although this story makes some of her characters seem perfect physically but I never felt annoyed at all. I think it’s just normal, well, I don’t know if that’s the right word but I really think all of them just simply belong in this story. And speaking of belong, deym! Now I know why Edgar is so popular to the readers, haha, I can’t count how many times he made me laugh. Lucky little bastard eh, or should I say, lucky little monkey, haha, that’s base on Jillian and Cupid’s description. Haha, they just simply hates his guts, deym Edgar! Also, I love that this story doesn’t have overwhelming number of characters, so you can absolutely easily track them all. The way they are introduced and describe too were made in a brief yet understandable manner, and I really like that.

For West’s character, he already had my attention just as I was starting with the story. I’ve been mentioning it so many times that I like it when the male lead is a little bit irritable and always scolding or annoyed with the female lead, so that’s the reason why I set my eyes only to him, eventhough I also like Luke haha. West not just caught my attention because of his irritable nature but because of his hotness haha, I know I’m such a sucker, but the author just perfectly wrote his character. It’s so convincing that until now I’m still blushing, deym West haha. Thinking about it now, I think his character is somewhat perfect, not just physically but also inside. I love how he loves Jillian so much that even how many times she told him that she doesn’t love him, he still didn’t gave up. Deym, I wish I could also change the book of soulmates and connect him to me, haha lol.

Jillian on the other hand is the exact opposite of West. Her character isn’t totally perfect and I really can’t count how many times Cupid commented on how she ditched her diet and now she doesn’t look sexy at all lol. I don’t have any complaints on her character, I actually admire her. Unlike other female leads, her character is not annoying and doesn’t jump to conclusion, and I really like that. I also love her bantering with Cupid.

“Hay. Ibang klase talaga ang hagupit ng bagyong Jillian sa puso ni kanluran.” – Cupid

I don’t know but I think that is the funniest thing Cupid teased Jillian with, haha lol.

And speaking of Cupid, deym! I almost wanna hate his character, haha, the twist of this story is simply so convincing.

Honestly, when I first read this story, especially the first chapter, I really find it quite hilarious especially the part when Jillian stole the arrow, but I don’t know, I just can’t will myself to laugh. This story is just so properly written, not corny, not boring and I love love love the twists and turns. So from finding it hilarious to enjoying this story, what a transition eh?

I can’t really believe I’ll enjoy this book so much and giving it a raging 5-star rating! I guess it also helped that I didn’t had any high expectation from this story at all. I love that on every chapter, this story draws me more to it. I love that it doesn’t just contain Greek Mythology (which I really really enjoyed) and romance (insert deafening squeal here) but it also includes suspense, mystery, action and my favorite, humor. What a book eh?

Actually, I had some questions (I don’t want to call them loophole because they aren’t to me :P) about some scenes and parts in this story but all of them just fades as I continue reading this story. That’s why when I finished this story, I instantly know that it deserves my 5-star rating.

It doesn’t have that happily ever after that I’ve anticipated after those suspense action both the main characters went through but I love the epilogue. It’s simple yet I know it’s going to be the beginning of their happily ever after, ayeiii! Their love story will be on the second book, but I think I’ll relish this book more since the second book is not yet complete *wink.

This story is far from cliche’ and all of my prediction really didn’t happen in this story. So if you love a new twist for a typical tagalog romance story, this book is absolutely a great choice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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