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Book Review – The Eternity Road by Lana Melyan

Series: The Eternity Road, #1
 Young Adult, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 376
Published: June 1, 2015 CreateSpace
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On her eighteenth birthday, Amanda has a dream that feels strangely lifelike. When Amanda recounts the experience to Melinda, the faithful housekeeper who has looked after her since her mother’s death, she assures her it’s meaningless, with no significance at all. But Melinda isn’t telling Amanda the truth.

Craig, the older brother of Amanda’s friend Hanna, has loved Amanda from afar for years. But a deep secret, going back centuries in time, keeps him from ever making a move.

When Melinda, who has a secret of her own, tells Craig about Amanda’s dream, it changes everything between them. Two vampires posing as men are pursuing Amanda, and Craig is devoted to keeping her safe. Luckily Craig and his sister are Hunters, the only supernatural creatures able to defeat the evil beings.

Craig and Hanna will do anything to protect Amanda, because they know that their friend has a special mission … even though she doesn’t have any idea of what’s happening around her or who she truly is.


Even after reading the whole Harry Potter series, I admit that I’m still hesitant to try other fantasy stories because I tend to get picky in that genre and it might end up a disaster experience for me . But when it comes to urban fantasy/supernaturals-themed stories  (especially if it’s mostly about vampires), I just can’t hold my horses and adds them instantly to my TBR. When you base it on this book’s cover, which I really really love, the encounter with vampires never crossed my mind. When I read the sypnosis, my desire to read this story intensified.

This book is about Amanda, who has been befriended by a sister and brother, Hanna and Craig. It was all normal until she turned 18. She had a huge crush to Craig but he never seemed to notice her, until now. Then Hanna and Craig begin to act somewhat strange. Unbeknownst to her, they’re Hunters.

Ok, before I talk more, let me enumerate first what kind of people or characters you’ll expect in this story.

  • Hunters – a group of individuals who were given immortality and power to destroy and kill monsters, like vampires, werewolves and the likes. They are given those powers to hunt these monsters in order to save mankind.
  • Vampires – the same to what we know of; they can’t come out when the sun is out, has pale skin, can’t get inside uninvited and the likes.
  • Werewolves – the same of what we know of; has the ability to shapeshift into a wolf on full moon, can turn other people once bitten, etc.
  • Witches – unlike most stories likes to depict, in this story, witches are the one’s helping the Hunters by summoning them if there’s a monster attacking or if they know something. They comes in handy too with their spells.
  • There’s also some individuals that can teleport other people to different locations. I wasn’t able to catch what they were called (or maybe it wasn’t mentioned?) since they were only introduced on its few final chapters, plus their exposure was limited.

This story started with the present, but it soon split the time between present day and some flashbacks which totally answers all my questions. During the first chapter, nothing was really explained, like why Hunters were created, what other things they can do, why and how their book was stolen and the likes. That it why I’m so excited if there’s some revelations. I’m usually irritated about time shifting but surprisingly for this one, it was great. Well, if you ask me which one I like, it was the flashbacks.

Honestly, I’m still in total shock after reading this story that I am still digging what to write and what to say about it. The suspense and the secrets are killing me. The revelations wasn’t introduced in bulk but it still made me having an information overload, like if I move I’ll explode. I always love stories about vampires and witches but I have to say that this one is kind of new. I would have like it more if the vampires are the good guys (yep, The Vampire Diaries totally corrupted me haha) but surprisingly I am still loving it, I really do much to my surprise.

The idea of having a black sheep in the family and becoming the mortal enemy is not new but I still kind of enjoyed it, but sleeping with the vampires knowing you were made to destroy them is kinda creepy lol, unless they’re as gorgeous as Nina Dobrev haha sucker. I always love romance, but I’m not sure if I love it in this story. I love Craig’s lovestory with Eleanor but all the Hunters (well, except Riley) having their own lovelife was kind of predictable really, especially Ruben’s.

I really enjoyed this story, but there were times that it’s hard to picture out some scenes. Like it’s a foreign book that were just being translated to English, which also the reason why there’s some spelling errors and some naming errors, like instead of Melinda, it becomes Milanda.

For the characters, well, all was totally fine with me. They’re all convincing especially the good guy turned bad, Fray. For Craig, well, I haven’t recall a time that I squeal because of him, but I don’t hate his character. Well, I like all the Hunters, even Fray at first. Then Eleanor, well, at first I was really having any doubts about her character, but as I read more, I learned to really like her. But unlike Eleanor, I really hate Amanda. Prepare yourself because there’s a bummer coming, haha. Amanda is Eleanor’s reincarnation but I can’t see any Eleanor vibe at her. I hated her guts, like she’s the stupidest character I’ve ever known, well, next to Anastasia I guess. She keeps on making stupid decisions and I just hate it. Luckily in the ending, Eleanor is finally back. Yay! Also, the number of characters were minimal and the names were so easy to remember since they’re common.

Also, on the conflict part at the end sounds pretty easy to me compared to some previous ones this book had, but the revelation of the new bad guy came to me as a surprise. I always know that there’s something fishy about his character but I never thought he could be that bad. Yeah guys, no name dropping this time hehe.

At first, I was really convinced that I will be giving this story a 4-star rating, but after all the revelations and the “somewhat” happy ending for Craig and Eleanor, I am giving it a 4.5 star rating instead. Can’t wait for the next book!

So if you’re an urban fantasy junkie like me, you’ll absolutely love this story.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Eternity Road by Lana Melyan | Blushing Geek

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