Book Review – Laud Sandejas by Sonia Francesca

Series: Stallion Revisited, #4
 Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published by: Precious Hearts Romances
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Kontento si Deejane sa pagiging buhay-prinsesa niya. Enjoy. Hanggang isang araw ay nakakita siya ng isang prinsipe. At bilang isang prinsesang nangangarap ng magandang love story gaya ng mga nababasa niya sa mga paborito niyang romance novel, natural lang na lapitan niya ang kanyang prinsipe, kaliskisan, at amoy-amuyin.

Pero kumilos ang kanyang prinsipe at nadali ang kanyang ilong na abala sa pagsinghot sa bango nito. Nasiko siya nang wala sa oras.

“Naku, Miss, may dugo ang ilong mo!”

Yep, her nose was bleeding all right. Mukhang napuruhan siya nang masiko siya ng kanyang prinsipe—ng prinsipeng hinihimatay sa dugo. Turn-off. But fate still had something up its sleeve… when her prince turned out to be the guy she was about to marry.

“I will not marry that woman!”

Okay, fine!


I came from office suffering from stress which I can’t remember how long I am carrying it. I went to my desk and saw this pocket book. After a few minutes of self-debating whether to read it or to sleep, I decided to grab the book and reminisce how good this book the first time I read it. And viola! I’m so glad that I did. I’m not going to force you to believe me when I say that I feel free from stress the moment I read the first chapter of this book, where all those effing hot and handsome stallion boys are bickering and keeps on repeating, “I like his name” line to each other. Oh men! I miss these yummy hotties so bad! This happy and “walang katuturang usapan” sure is a great start for this story.

And what a great way for the main characters to meet. Oh lala! Ikaw na girl. And Laud, I can’t believe you’re afraid of blood. Well, good thing you’re hot and handsome 😉 Oh yeah girl. You sure can start a war with that talkative mouth of yours. Very usual to all the author’s heroin. But dang! I love this girl.

And arrange marriage? Are you kidding me?! But in all fairness, it may be a bit cliché’, but this one is different. Why? Because obviously, they’re not Chinese. Haha. This girl sure is “the man!” Imagine sleeping while waiting to get interviewed in the job she is applying? Oh well, you nailed it girl. But the scene inside Laud’s office is epic. It keeps on repeating inside my head, lol.

And I smell something fishy at Café Saratoga. Hmn, curious on what would be it? Nah, I don’t want to spoil you, so read the book eh? ;P

But the three handsome drunkard in Stallion Ridding Club creates a great scene. And oh lala, Laud just confessed. But I admit, Laud’s confession is a bit corny. Drunkard or not, it was still corny. And men! And Zero, please stop pacing in this story and fueled more my interest on reading your story. Haha

Overall, this story is quite a read. It was romantic and fun at the same time. It’s from Sonia Francesca, so what do you expect eh? 😉 All characters we’re so easy to keep track of, for obviously, most of them are so effing hot and handsome, haha lame. The story line we’re also great and the addition of the fear of blood is quite hilarious for a handsome specie like Laud. All lines and scenes stick up together. It’s just so perfect. The five stars below is my evidence 😉

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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