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Book Review – Anton Dela Vega by Sonia Francesca

Series: Stallion Revisited, #10
 Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published by: Precious Hearts Romances
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I’m perfect for you. You’re perfect for me. We’re perfect for each other. So, why not, `di ba?” 

Lumaki si Helga na nakapasak na sa kukote niyang si Anton Dela Vega ang mapapangasawa niya balang-araw dahil sa kasunduan ng kanilang mga magulang. Okay lang iyon sa kanya. Sigurado naman siyang hindi siya ilalagay ng mga magulang sa pangit na sitwasyon. Isa pa, nakilala niya si Anton mula pagkabata na isang mabait na tao. Kahit na nga ni minsan ay hindi nito in-entertain ang ideya ng kanilang kasal.

Hanggang isang araw, bigla na lang siyang sinabihan ni Anton na hindi na matutuloy ang kasal. Pagkatapos ng ilang taon, ngayon lang ito tumutol? Of course she was devastated, especially when she realized she was already in love with Anton. Nakakatawa lang dahil kung hindi pa siya ni-reject ng binata ay hindi pa niya mapapansin na iba na pala ang tibok ng kanyang puso para dito.

Ang problema na lang niya ngayon, paano na ang bagong tuklas niyang damdamin kung wala na silang forever ni Anton?
Parang gusto niyang sugurin ang lalaki at sakalin.


I instantly got a stupid grin in my face just reading its first page. Like dang!  I don’t know if I could ever miss someone as big as missing these stallion boys.

If you haven’t known yet, this is the 10th book of the Stallion series revisited by Sonia Francesca where the main setting is the ever popular Stallion Riding Club. It’s members were all guys who loves to ride horses. Aside from that, they’re soooo makulit and kind of tsismoso especially when it comes to their fellow stallion guy’s lovelife lol.

And yep, as what the title says, this story is about Anton. It started when Reid told Zero together with the twins (Trigger and Jigger, my most favorite twins in the world) to fix Anton’s lovelife because he’s annoyed seeing what he’s doing to Helga. If you want to know who’s Reid, well, he’s the one and only King of the SRC (Stallion Riding Club). He’s the boss and surprisingly, all the members respects him and kind of afraid of him, that whatever he says is like a rule that you should never break. You might be asking why he’s asking Zero and the twins eh? Well, it is well-known in the SRC how the twins loves to “mess up” their fellow stallion guy’s lovelife so much that they are now making it their past time lol. Also, Zero was one of their accomplice for Sai’s lovestory recently.

Anton and Helga were in an arrange marriage, I know it’s quite cliche but I really salute the author for making this story so enjoyable and so romantic. Helga keeps on following and badgering Anton about their marriage and Anton were like, deadma. Then one time, she took it to the next level, she’s the one who bought the ring and proposes to him lol! But Anton finally speaks up about the arrange marriage and broke it off. They both thought it’s going to be the end of their so-called relationship, but they didn’t know it’s just the start of something romantic.

After that incident, I already guessed that Anton really do likes Helga but Helga is not feeling the same way. Well, it really was true at first. Helga is just used to the knowledge that she and Anton will get married and spend their lives together. She grew up knowing that Anton is a nice guy so she didn’t protest about the arrange marriage, but after Anton canceled it, all of a sudden, she just realized that she’s in love with him! And thanks ofcourse with Zero and the twins participation along with all the stallion guys, their lovestory became more complicated haha.

I know it’s going to be a bummer, so I’ll warn you in advance, haha.

I thought at first that it’s going to be Helga who will confess first, but dang! I was caught offguard when it was Anton! It’s just too sweet and atleast now, I can sympathize to him now. Though, I have to say that it was a wrong move Anton. You wanna know why? Where’s the fun in that? haha. So I’ll let you read this one to find out *wink.

For the characters, well, I always adore Sonia Francesca’s heroines and Helga is just amazing yet funny at the same time and I don’t have any complaints at all. Well, maybe there is. It’s the part where she thought Anton has a girlfriend. It would have been the start of their happily ever after but she assumed the worst lol. But that’s understandable, people in love can be stupid sometimes.

And how about Anton? Well, honestly, I don’t have any expectations for his character. Of all the books in the series that I’ve read, he was never once mentioned. So I don’t really know anything about him, whether he’s going to be a playboy, maybe perhaps a good buy, a gentleman or whatsoever. Plus, the cover didn’t helped at all. Haha, I’m not being mean but he’s not my type. The question is, whether I’m his type lol. But seriously, his character is just lovely. I keep on picturing the cover in my head but everytime he talks sweet to Helga, I just can’t stop myself but fall for him, dang!

I will make you fall in love with me, Helga Saliendres. No matter what it takes.

This story is just a very short read but I wasn’t able to finish it fast because there’s so many funny scenes plus some romantic lines that I keep on highlighting because it’s just too sweet not to. I’ve compiled my favorite lines here.

I should have courted you to win your heart instead of just waiting for you to fall in love with me. I was such a jerk. But I won’t give up just yet. Hindi ako naniniwala na wala na akong pag-asa sa iyo. Susubukan ko pa rin na makuha ang puso  mo, Helga. Kahit gaano pa katagal, kahit na makialam pa nang paulit-ulit and lahat ng Stallion boys sa mundo. Tandaan mo yan.

Yep, bummer bummer haha, sorry about that.

The plot was cliche and the conflict part was kinda annoying, but it was fine because the author didn’t stretched that one out. It was also amazing because the author makes this one so romantic behind the plot being cliche. Unlike the other books in this series that I’ve read, this one mentioned so many characters from the other books plus some new characters that makes me feel so excited for the next book. And because of that, I am giving this one a perfect 5 star rating instead of 4.5, yay!

So if you love a fun romantic tagalog romance story, this one is definitely a perfect choice. I’m 50-50 about this one being standalone, but I’m 100% sure that you can still enjoy this one without reading the previous books. But I wouldn’t recommend such. All the books in this series is just so worth it and that’s a promise.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Anton Dela Vega (Stallion Series Revisited #10) by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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