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Book Review – Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram

Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 269
First Published: August 15, 2014
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Hockey-obsessed tomboy Eleanor Westley has never been the object of a guy’s affection before. So when the hottest boy she’s ever seen moves in across the street and starts treating her like she’s the center of his universe, naturally she’s going to be a little skeptical. But everything starts to make sense when girls who look just like Ellie start dying all around the city. Obviously the new guy is the killer, and of course he only likes her because he wants to slice her into tiny pieces. Right? The more Ellie gets to know Seth the more she’s convinced he’s a psychopathic killer. Problem is, he’s the sweetest psychopathic killer she’s ever met. Not to mention he’s brutally hot. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t help but fall for him. Will Ellie find true love, or will her summer of firsts turn out to be a summer of lasts?


The first thing I’ve noticed about this book is that it made me feel like I am listening to a friend of mine who’s telling me a story. And mind you, I really really liked that. Right then and there, I concluded that this story is going to be great just like Kelly Oram’s other books. And my oh my! This story started so fun that I am looking forward to more of it in the next chapters especially on its ending. Ayeeeii!

Also, didn’t I tell you that I was so absorbed to this book that I even count the number of pages until I’ve got to know the name of the main characters? Haha.

And btw, I was really entertained on the part where Ellie (female lead) was caught secretly looking (or should I say gawking) at Seth (male character) while he was working out. Haha, that was epic!  Whenever I remember that scene, I really can’t help but to suppress a smile (though sometimes, it’s a laugh; a never ending laugh haha)

And speaking of a mind boogling scene, I have another one for you, so brace yourself hehe. The part where Ellie was jumped and knocked off by this huge dog named Bruno which resulted to her having a concoction. Where’s the fun in that? Well, it’s all because Seth came to her rescue. And OMG! He took his shirt off! (If you want to know why, read it now haha) And that instance, I literally died. Haha. (Currently blushing as of the moment while relishing that scene haha)

Just like the author’s other stories, this book really impressed me. I’ve read way too many books from hers and from other romance writer but to my amazement, I haven’t read some scenes in this book that I’ve read from others. All scenes and characters hold-up though I would say that I am not quite impressed on Seth’s name. But even if I wasn’t impressed with his name, the author was able to make me like him.. Hands down to the author.

Honestly, I wasn’t fully impressed with its plot. This hot new guy fell in love with the girl who’s one of the guys. I mean, that idea isn’t the first time I’ve heard of. But I salute the author for making this story interesting and “kilig much” considering of its plot.

And you know what’s more interesting? This story isn’t just about romance, it also has suspense in it. My oh my! Two of my favorites in just one book. And mind you, I was really into it. The idea of finding out the serial killer and really named him/her in this kind of story made me become alert. It’s always been known that I don’t  have any chance of pointing out the culprit in any MHC books, but since this book is more about romance, I really did think that I could really do it. But dang! I really don’t have any investigative blood in me. Imagine, I even agreed that Seth was the killer! But you can’t blame me, he really did act like the killer. He’s creepy also, but.. hot haha.

It’s shorter than the previous book that I’ve read from the author, which was the Cinder & Ella, but I didn’t even noticed it. This book is short but is full of exciting scenes which made this book longer.

And about its characters, I don’t really have anything that I hated. I admit that Seth didn’t made me fall in love with him like I did with Rob (from Cinder & Ella) but he easily made me swoon, so that’s really a big plus. And for Ellie, well, I don’t hate her, infact, I kinda like her. The only thing I didn’t like about her is her anger management. I mean, she’s so hot tempered. And I was really really impressed on her “one of the guys” character and especially her ability to break other guy’s noses haha. That really kinda cool especially playing the hockey with the guys and beating them. What a bad ass chick eh?

And I almost forgot, this story also talks about family, not entirely the whole family thingy, but the relationship between siblings. I love how Ellie and Angela’s relationship improved considering their differences. And of course, how could I forget? The bunos part. I don’t like it, I LOVE it. It’s really great to know what Seth is thinking on those “kilig” worthy scene which made me swoon for him to the highest level.

This story will give you romance, suspense, thrill, and family particularly sisters bonding. Considering of its contents, I really don’t have any idea how the author were able to give us all of those things in just this short story.

This book is highly recommended and I would be happy to hear your feedback about it. Feel free to drop your comments below 😉

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram | Blushing Geek

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