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Wattpad Review- Until He Was Gone by Jonaxx

Series: Until Trilogy, #1
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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Si Klare Montefalco ay ipinanganak sa isang kilala at marangyang pamilya. Everything is perfect. Mahal siya ng pamilya niya at mahal din niya ang mga ito. Her life is simple. No drama, no sweat, no nonsense. Nang tumibok ang puso niya, doon niya napagtanto na ang bawat pader na inakala niya’y matibay ay natitibag din. Na lahat ng pinakaiingatan niya ay maaring mawala sa kanya. Dahil may mga pag ibig na kahit anong gawing iwas mo ay lagi kang tinatamaan. Iyong pag ibig na umiilag ka na, bull’s eye ka pa rin. Iyong tipong sinarado mo na ang pinto mo, pilit paring kumakatok. But Klare’s fierce, she wouldn’t let that happen. No. She will risk her heart just to protect her comfort zone, her home, her everything.

Ngunit sa pagkawala ng pag ibig niya, doon lang din ba niya mapagtatanto kung ano ang nawala sa kanya? That she had lost everything when she let him go? Is she ready to fight for it now? Now that he’s gone?


I’ve been looking for “something” in the past few days and I don’t really have any idea what it is. (if you know what I mean?) It seems like I’ve been acting like a “walking dead” for awhile now and I’ve been reading books base on my schedule which is quite suffocating sometimes. So when I was browsing my mobile phone, I’ve stumbled to Wattpad. And pooof! An idea just came out!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a story from my favorite wattpad author, Jonaxx, so I was really really excited. And well, my excitement didn’t betray me at all. Until He Was Gone is undeniably one of my long list of favorites from hers.

Until He Was Gone is the first installment of the Until Trilogy which actually revolves around Klare Montefalco, who belongs to a wealthy and well-known family in their town. She fell in love, but then, it’s forbidden. She loves him, and he loves her so dang much. (*insert my deafening squeal here)

When I started reading this story, the first thing I’ve noticed was the amazeball closeness and protectiveness of the Montefalco cousins with each other. And the very first name/character that really caught my attention was Elijah! (*insert another deafening squeal here) Right there and then, I’ve been secretly eyeing him, haha (You can’t blame me, he has the same name with my vampire crush from The Originals TV series, haha)

I’ve been planning to write this review without mentioning Klare’s partner for I want you guys to also feel clueless on the reason behind Klare’s forbidden love, but dang! I can’t go on without mentioning “his” name in here, so I want to apologize for the spoiler below. You will still like the story I’m sure, hehe (*wink)

“Run Klare. Coz I’m done running. I can’t run anymore. And God knows I can’t even walk away..”

Right there and then, it confirmed my guess that Elijah’s in love with his cousin, Klare. In normal circumstances, I could have gagged myself because it’s incest. But dang! I can’t. I just can’t! It seems that it is right. I’ve been thinking a lot of possibilities on what will happen next. But Jonaxx being Jonaxx, proved my predictions were false. So yeah, it’s confirmed, I am not a seer haha. This story is really unpredictable and the transition from Klare’s admiration with Eion to falling in love with his cousin Elijah has a very strong claim. I mean, you can’t really question that part. It just happened!

From the start, I really thought that it’s going to be Klare and Eion’s story, but Jonaxx proved again her prowess in writing unpredictable story. You can’t blame me to think that Klare’s going to end up with Eion because of their sweetness and I just love the start of their story. The guy is a bit snob and “masungit” so I really thought at first that they are perfect for each other (I‘m a sucker for that kind of romance, you know haha). But dang! They always say that girls are complicated, but what would you call Eion then? Haaay! Eion, dinakita ma-espeling, katulad ng pangalan mong di ko rin alam kung bakit tunog babae, haha. Sorry, I was being sarcastic there.

Elijah’s love for Klare is really really really amazing. I can’t count how many times I cried because of that. You’re so lucky Klare. But knowing that they are cousins, I can’t really say Klare’s that lucky. So yeah, she has to give up Elijah for the sake of her family’s reputation. It even tainted her closeness to her cousins.

If you can see me now guys while writing this, you will really think I’m crazy. Everytime I think about that scene, when Klare told Elijah to leave..huhuhu..that was really heart breaking.

“Klare, isang salita mo lang na mahal mo ulit ako ay ipaglalaban kita hanggang sa maubos ako.”

Klare, baby, please..Please choose me this time. Please be with me. Magiging okay tayong dalawa. I’ll work hard for us. We don’t need our families support. I only need you. I know I only need you.

Now tell me, who wouldn’t cry on those lines? Huhu Elijah, ako nalang please. (*insert Tasha’s (from One More Chance) crying face here haha)

As expected of Jonaxx, this story is really unpredictable. All scenes and conflicts hold up. The guys characters didn’t sounded gay to me, and it’s so easy to picture them all out because of her very understandable descriptions, which was brief and concise. And the plot? really exceptional!

This is really the first time that I was so affected with the book that I have ever read. I mean, I’m done reading this book so I should be peaceful eh? But no! That was far from truth. While I was working or simply not doing anything, I find it so hard to focus. The scene between Klare telling Elijah to leave keeps circling in my mind. And God knows how many times I control myself not to grab my mobile phone and read its second book. But no! I need to practice my self-control this time. Haha, I’m going on my (long anticipated) short vacation the next day and I don’t want to spend it by staying in my room and read the book. (I only have this one chance to have a vacation after exhausting myself from work, so I really need to take advantage of it hehe)

This story has no SPG, so everyone’s welcome to read this story for free in Wattpad.

I have one more warning though. If you start reading this book tonight, you shall receive no sleep. Enjoy reading! And oh, please come back and tell me how you find the story eh?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Wattpad Review- Until He Was Gone by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

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