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Wattpad Review – Until He Returned by Jonaxx

Series: Until Trilogy, #2
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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Nang malaman ni Klare na hindi siya tunay na anak ng kanyang kinilalang ama, nag bago ang ikot ng kanyang mundo. She’s torn between her love for her family and her desire to seek for the fragments of her real identity. Sa kalagitnaan ng lahat ng ito, pilit din siyang binabalikan ng mga alaala ng nakaraan. Her past is haunting her. But she knew it is impossible to turn back the time. Pinanindigan niya ang mga nagawang desisyon noon at tanggap niyang may mga tao na dumadadaan lang ngunit hindi nagtatagal. Ngunit paano naman ang mga umaalis at magbabalik?

Sa pagbabalik ba ng kanyang minamahal matitibag ang kanyang mga paniniwala at desisyon? How will she handle him now that he’s back? Will she fight now? Now that he’s returned?


I know I’ve made a pact to myself not to read any books while having my vacation eh? Oh well, sorry. I guess I wasn’t that strong enough to fight the urge to read the second book especially after reading the ending of the first book eh?

As a recollection, the second book continue right after what the first book left of. I was even happy because my guess this time happened. Oh well, not entirely all but at least right? Haha, this is it. I now have a future to become a seer haha lol.

This story started to talk about what happened two years after Klare found out that she was not a true blood Montefalco. That could have been a good news eh? But it’s already too late because she already pushed Elijah away. And also, this was hard because she love her Montefalco family so much.

At first chapter, it was said that Klare already changed her name to Ty. It wasn’t explained earlier in the book and I thought it wouldn’t be covered or will be mentioned. But as usual, I was wrong again. I guess my chance to become a seer is just 1% eh? Haay jonaxx, you always make all your story so great that it’s hard for me to guess what will happen next.

So yeah, after a few more chapters, the reason behind Klare changing her last name to Ty was explained and it was so heartbreaking. It wasn’t about Elijah but it all because of her family. Huhu.

So yeah, Klare lived together with her biological father, two half brothers (Hendrix and Pierre), and the wife of her father. Surprisingly, the wife of her father isn’t a bitch. I know it could have been difficult, but I salute the wife. She may not be that close to Klare but at least she wasn’t that cruel eh?

For two years, Klare’s life revolve between her two families, Montefalco and Ty. She got to know more about her half brothers who always protect and love her so much. Oh Klare, I’m so jealous. But also, her relationship with her Montefalco “cousins” we’re tainted especially the girls, and Erin would be the first in the list. Though, Claudette will always be by her side.

Klare want to spend her vacation with her mom and her brother Charles and her biological father approved it. And obviously, Hendrick and Pierre accompany her. But then her parents are going to Singapore for 1 week so they decided to spend their vacation at the beach while waiting for them to come back. But while enjoying their vacation, her Montefalco cousins were also in the same place. And Elijah was having his welcome party. And guess what? They’’re together with her girlfriend. What dah, right? Right then and there, I wanna in sob and wail!

There’s a lot of changes to Klare one of those is that she knows how to skate and surf. I know what you’re thinking, haha skater girl. During their vacation, Elijah and Klare were able to talk, on Elijah’s request of course. So yeah, he said he wanted to be her friend. But is there a friend who stares like that? Hmmmm..I smell something fishy really.

Klare for sure is still in love with Elijah, I’m not sure with Elijah but I think he still love her. So yeah, Klare is still attending any family gathering with the Montefalcos so obviously, she was able to meet Selena, Elijah’s girlfriend. And mind you guys, I really want to pull her hair..haha, bitter much eh?

On a fair side, Selena seems like a nice girl. But dang! Yung mga birit niya te, nakakagigil. Flirt! Haha. OK, I’ll stop right there for I might not be able to finish this review because of my dislike for her character.

It all happened so fast that I don’t know how to elaborate. So I’ll just skip and tell you the juicy part eh? Haha. Well, obviously, Klare and Elijah get back together. And still in secrecy. This is really so frustrating. Well, what’s love without a little hardship eh? But this is not just a “little” hardship, it’s all those little hardships you can have, combined. But what’s great this time is that Klare will going to fight her love for Elijah, whether their family will approve it or not.

Erin is still Erin, she’s still against Elijah and Klare which seems like it’s only Azi and Claudette who approves. Me against the world ang peg eh? Good thing that her two brothers are they’re always so supportive of her, though it’s not yet confirmed that they approve with her relationship with Elijah.

Just as expected, the “face with all Montefalco part two” happened. And this time, Karle fought for Elijah. It’s really a heartbreaking scene for me. I cried. I really did cried not just once but more than once.

I don’t want to elaborate more for it might become a total summary of the story, and I don’t want to spoil you more haha.

For the characters, I really really appreciate the Montefalco cousins. Though I admit that I almost want to poison them all, excluding Claudette and Azi(haha, I’m excluding him because he’s my favorite of all Montefalco guys haha) because they always blame Klare. Can’t they see Klare’s side?! But in the end, I was really amazed with their love for her. I don’t want to talk about that, just read for yourself eh?

And the Ty brothers…my oh my! I’m never a fan of chinitos but dang! I can’t help but admire these two. You really got to read this book and find out how hot (haha, hot and gwapo chinitos and not just cute) and so adorable these two are.

For Elijah. Dang! Where can I found someone like you? (Singing someone like you by Adele haha) Dang Klare! Haba ng hair mo te. Elijah is still as hot and he love Klare very very much. Omg! As in omg! Haha. You really need to read this book.

And Mr. Ty, well, he’s probably the father that I would really want to have. He’s so protective yet so understandable including his wife ofcouse.

I really can’t contain myself right now because obviously, I’m so happy of the outcome of their story. And I bet this is harder not to read the third book right NOW, than its first. I am really looking forward to it and I really do hope this time, they can finally have their happily ever after.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Wattpad Review – Until He Returned by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

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