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Book Review – Joni, Underway by Kelly Oram and Jonathan Harrow

Genre: Contemporary
Pages: 358
Published: August 22, 2015 by Bluefields
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Nineteen year old Joni Monday is loving life as an adult—living on her own, dealing with grown-up things like jobs, hook-ups, and doing her own laundry. Best of all: after finishing her first year at ASU, she will never again be called a freshman.

But when her brother is suddenly killed in a car accident, Joni’s adult life is turned upside down. Struggling to cope with loss, guilt, and anger—not to mention the meddling of friends and family trying to “fix” her—Joni is relieved to be presented with an escape in the form of a sailing trip her brother had been planning for months before he died.

With her first step onto the sailing vessel Lady Marguerite, Joni plunges into an adventure that will mark the beginning of her real adult life—a journey across the ominous dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean with a small, eccentric crew, and the young Captain Reid, whose gorgeous looks are only outmatched by his talent for care and kindness. Unfolding through the ups and downs of life at sea is an unforgettable story reminding us that love will always be a work-in-progress and coming of age never gets old.


I was really looking forward to read this story because this is the very first adult (ahem, not x-rated) book from Kelly Oram which she co-written with her husband, Jonathan Harrow. I haven’t actually read anything from her husband yet (though maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check it out too) so I really don’t have any idea what to expect.

In its first few chapters, I keep on going back to its cover just to make sure that I am reading the correct book. Because honestly, I can’t read any Kelly from it. I can’t even relate on what they are talking about. (Sorry, I’m not a water traveler kind of girl) This book is more descriptive that I thought, which I assume was Jonathan Harrow’s way of writing. But when I reached the part where Joni mentioned the band Tralse (from V is for Virgin and A is for Abstinence book by Kelly Oram), my oh my! This is the Kelly Oram that I’ve been looking for. So yeah, starting on that part, I’ve gotten aware that Kelly is a co-author of this book too, haha.

Just as what most of the reviews I’ve read in goodreads says, I highly agree that this is an incredibly written book, though my 4-star rating wouldn’t agree on it, haha. Sorry, but my remaining one star was busy wandering, which I would tell you why later. 😉 This book will give you quite a wonderful lesson about life, relationship, family, racism, and even death. Yeah, I know death is a grim topic, but this book wouldn’t let you feel that way (well, that’s for me, not sure if it will be the same for you too hehe) because it incorporates some fun scenes too, which I give the honor to Kelly Oram. You see, you wouldn’t just learn something but it’ll also entertain you. That’s absolutely the reason why I love this book, not just because she’s my favorite. (see, I plead no guilty of favoritism here)

I’ve got to admit that while reading its first few chapters, I’ve got this notion that this book will only contain some life lessons with a little entertainment. So right there and then, I drop the idea of having a romance thingy added in it. But dang! I was wrong, which I am very pleased ofcourse, haha. Well, you know me, I’m such a sucker for romance, particularly Kelly’s romance books.  But even if there’s a romance added in it, this book didn’t stir away from its main purpose, which is to give its readers a lesson that we can ponder to. Normally, I would have not like it, but dang! You can’t just hate a book like this. I don’t know how to say how much I appreciate this book so, I’ll just give it to you to find it yourself. (*wink)

And the most awaited part, the missing one star. Well, I’ve never been a fan of descriptive stories, and this book is quite full of it. So yeah, that’s my only reason. Haha. See? So trivial, so just ignore the missing one star and read this story. It will be worth your time and money.

If I’ve managed to convince you, please come back and share how you find the story eh? *wink

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – Joni, Underway by Kelly Oram and Jonathan Harrow | Blushing Geek

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