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Book Review – A Daily Dose Of Tender Lovin’ Dr. Raizen by Sonia Francesca

Series: Rancho Estate, #8
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
 2005 by Precious Hearts Romances
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Si Jereth ang unang naging engaged to be married sa kanilang siyam na magkakaibigan. Pero ang nangyari, mukhang siya pa ang huling maikakasal dahil ang damuhong boyfriend niya ay nahuli niyang may ibang babae. From then on, she started swearing off any romantic possibility that came her way.

Until she met Dr. Raizen Villamar, the handsome doctor with the most charming smile she had ever seen. Ito na kaya ang gamot sa kanyang sugatang puso? O isa nanamang kabiguan ang hatid nito sa kanya?


Jereth’s didn’t have this intriguing story than the previous book from this series that I’ve read, which was the “My Grumpy Amore”. The only thing that I know about this story before I’ve read this was that Jereth was the first in the group that got engage. How exciting eh? But honestly, Jereth’s character didn’t stand out to me unlike May.

To my surprise, this story is as crazy as the previous story from this series. Deym! If I wouldn’t have read Rachel’s story, I’m sure it would leave me wondering what will going to happen between her and Melvin. Haha. I think I have this urge to read their story again.

Just as I was starting this story, I can’t help but laugh my heart out in each funny scenes in this story, including the scene that made Jereth’s one of Dr. Raizen’s patients. OMG! I can’t help but hurt myself too so I could have that papalicious doctor, haha.

As I’ve said before, Jereth was the first in their friends that got engaged but in the end, she was one of the two in the group that was still single. You may be asking why? Well, his ex-fiancé was an effing j*rk and dated someone. So grrrr right? And you know what pisses me off? Her ex’s name was Joel. Dang! The name itself didn’t sound that appealing to me. No wonder he’s a j*rk. Sorry to all Joel out there haha. It’s nothing personal really. I’m just carried away haha

This story is getting livelier and funnier than I’ve expected. And yeah, my favorite twins were present in here. They’re so cute that I want to get them out in the book and kiss and pinch their cheeks. Also, it’s not just the twins that made this story funnier, but also the addition of these two guys in the name of Van and Marx. Dang! I wish they have their own stories too.

OMG! I can’t really hide my blushing red cheeks in this part:

“You’re gonna let me wear your briefs?”

“Oh no, that one’s exclusively for me,” he said, giving out a lazy and charming and sexy smile. “And I prefer boxers, by the way. Ahm, nabasa rin ba ang underwear mo?”

So tell me, who wouldn’t blush on that? Haha

“The phone slipped from his hand”. Was it because he saw Jereth wearing only his shirt? Haha, I can clearly imagine that scene in my head, replaying like crazy. And dang! The dancing cooking doctor hottie. Yummmmm! And another yummy worthy line from Dr. Raizen that I like:

“Kung ikaw ang makakatuluyan ko, I wouldn’t mind.” Another charming smile curved to his lips, “I wouldn’t mind at all.”

“I want you to get better,” anito. “So I can finally take you out on a date”.

Dang! This is getting sweeter and sweeter. I really like this story because it’s really far from what I’ve expected. But why only 4-stars? Well, I know it may sound childish, but what I just hate about it is the “stood in a date” part. So it’s not really that technical at all. So for sure, you’ll love this story more than I do.

I also love the part where Raizen was devastated after he lost his patient. It really looked so true to me and not just a fictional character. I just love the author for making his character more real. And not just charming and handsome, like most of fictional characters are.

Another blushing perfect scene of these two that I can’t help but share with you:

He stood up, deliberately brushing his nose and lips on her neck to her ear. “You smell so good,” he whispered ruggedly. “I think I prefer to stay this way with you.”

OMG! I’m fuming red not because of anger, but because of looooooove. Haha. This story is really really sweet. Though the ending wasn’t much of my taste because it was a bit corny, but it’s still a happy ending. So who wouldn’t want that? And mind you, the twins was present on that ending. Haha, very very ahm, how would I describe them in that scene…Thinking thinking thinking. Dang! I can’t find the perfect word fitting for the twins. So just read this story and get ready to fall in love and laugh your heart out.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – A Daily Dose Of Tender Lovin’ Dr. Raizen by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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