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Book Review – Juanito “Yeoji” Buenzalido by Sonia Francesca

Series: The Billionaire Boys Club, #3
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published: by Precious Hearts Romances
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Pamela had been called a lot of things. Heartless, annoying, cold, calculating. She was all business and no play. Wala naman siyang problema roon. Dahil wala rin siyang panahon sa mga bagay na hindi niya mapapakinabangan at hindi makakatulong sa pag-angat ng magazine na pinamamahalaan niya.
Until Yeoji came back into her life. Now he was her playboy, all-fun boss. Kaya hindi na kataka-takang tuwing magkikita sila ay laging nagkakagulo ang kanilang mga mundo. The lover of women would turn into an annoying monster kapag siya na ang kaharap nito. One of the reasons kung bakit umiinit ang kanyang ulo tuwing makikita niya ito. How could he love all women except her? To think na nangako pa ang hudyo noon na siya lang ang liligawan at mamahalin nito!


Heya there! I know I’ve said that I have some errands to do, but dang! I can’t help myself on buying books especially who’s from my favorite tagalog romance author. So yeah, I’ve purchased three novels from hers and this hottie is one of them.

Hmn, this book has intrigued me eversince I’ve started reading one of the books of The Billionaire’s Boys Club Series. You know I’m a sucker for a love-hate romance and theirs is just one of them. And what’s also great about this story is we’ve got to see those boys bantering and teasing, which makes me remind of the Stallion Boys. Aw..I miss them already.

And just like what I expected from Sonia Francesca, this book is full of wit. I don’t know how many times I laugh my heart out reading this story. But I have my favorite ofcourse, the scene in the marina, wherein Pam pushed Yeoji in the yacht which obviously the reason why he fell in the water. Haha, that was really epic. Sorry guys, I know that’s a bummer. Don’t worry, that’s going to be the first and the last 😉

To tell you honestly, I didn’t quite like their story. The reason behind their friction was so cliche. I don’t want to elaborate it to you guys for it’ll spoil the suspense, so just discover it for yourself eh? And also, there we’re some lines in this novel that is sooooo corny. Very different from Sonia Francesca’s other books that I’ve read.

I could have given it 3-stars but dang! I can’t make myself do it. It entertained me and ofcourse, made me fall in love with the story and made me laugh my heart out. So there, that’s the reason behind my 4-stars rating. Not one of the best from the author, but is sure worth your time and money 😉

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – Juanito “Yeoji” Buenzalido by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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