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Book Review – My Grumpy Amore by Sonia Francesca

Series: Rancho Estate, #4
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published: 2005 by Precious Hearts Romances
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Sumampa si May sa hamba ng bintana ng bahay ng sinisintang si Carrive. The atmosphere inside smelled heavenly. She just couldn’t help herself reaching for the draperies and touching it against her cheeks.
“Satin.. soft… manly,” sambit niya. “Must remember this for fantasy dream later–aaahhh!”

Bumagsak siya sa carpeted floor. Sa pagmamadali niyang makalabas ay lalong hindi siya makahanap ng exit. Pinilit na lang niyang magtago sa likod ng isang sofa. and then she heard footsteps and that handsome baritone voice.
“Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house?”


Heya there. Yeah, even I’m so occupied with my Clash of Kings book, but my love for the rancho estate hotties overwhelmed me. 😀

OMG! as in OMG! I can’t really hide the fact that on the first time I’ve read about May and how “green minded” she is considering her “Maria Clara” or conservative look, it already caught my attention. Dang! That instance, I know I really need to have a copy of her story and read it as soon as possible. But deym luck! It’s just now that I was able to acquire a copy. But atleast, the long wait is totally worth it.

Just as I was starting this story, you will already have guessed that it’s going to be a fun read just like the author’s other works. And yeah, I was right. This story indeed is one of the liveliest and funniest stories I’ve read from this series. I am really so entertained by Van (not because we have the same name huh hehe) because of his witty and corny lines. I really wish he has a story of his own too 🙁

And my oh my! My ever favorite twins are 100% present in here. I can’t believe that they’re already that annoyingly cute at the age of 5. Haha, already a headache to all the Rancho Estate villagers eh? Especially to our very own Carrive. I can’t count how many times the twins and all other kids in that estate  have disturbed Carrive and May’s kissing scene haha.

I love the “holdaper” encounter of May and Carrive. Haha, that was funny and which could have been sweet if Krissy didn’t interfere (grr).  And also, the most epic of them all, the “no hair” cat encounter of May at Carrive’s place.  There’s actually a lot of “kilig” scenes in this story but I’m afraid I can’t share it to you guys for it might become a spoiler. Trust me and read this book, it is really worth it.

And dang! I almost want to burst crying after Carrive’s confession to May. Huhu, that was really emotional and at the same time so “kilig”. The “suplado” and the “green minded” pair-up. What a perfect combination eh?

Have you read this story too? How did you find it? Share it all in the comment box below 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Review – My Grumpy Amore by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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