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Book Review – The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram

Series: The Science Squad, #1
Genre: Contemporary
Pages: 278
Published: May 4, 2013 by Bluefields
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When Avery Shaw’s heart is shattered by her life-long best friend, she chooses to deal with it the only way she knows how—scientifically.
The state science fair is coming up and Avery decides to use her broken heart as the topic of her experiment. She’s going to find the cure. By forcing herself to experience the seven stages of grief through a series of social tests, she believes she will be able to get over Aiden Kennedy and make herself ready to love again. But she can’t do this experiment alone, and her partner (ex partner!) is the one who broke her heart.
Avery finds the solution to her troubles in the form of Aiden’s older brother Grayson. The gorgeous womanizer is about to be kicked off the school basketball team for failing physics. He’s in need of a good tutor and some serious extra credit. But when Avery recruits the lovable Grayson to be her “objective outside observer,” she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for, because Grayson has a theory of his own: Avery doesn’t need to grieve. She needs to live. And if there’s one thing Grayson Kennedy is good at, it’s living life to the fullest. 

OMG! I never thought I could feel this ecstatic after reading this story. Normally, I only feel like it after reading a tagalog romance pocketbooks written by my favorite Filipino romance writers. But to my horror, I was so so so in love with this story!

This story started after Avery was dumped by her life-long bestfriend over his girlfriend. He doesn’t just dumped him, but he also quit the science club and pushed her away just for his girlfriend. What a jerk right? Right then, I fixed my eyes only to the ever hottest Grayson, which is Aiden’s older brother. He already sounded sexy just by mentioning his name right? Haha. Well, he is actually a known Casanova and he don’t do any girlfriend thingy. Quite a turn off eh? But that didn’t stop me from liking him. Oh well, I don’t know how to explain this weird liking for these so-called “bad boys” eh?

This book totally got my full attention as early as starting its prologue. The title itself was so catchy and the story is way more than just that. It was just a short read, and just like the previous teen romance novels that I’ve read from the same author, this one is just as great as them, oh, I guess this one’s greater than them, haha.

What I like about this story is that it was told from both the main characters (Avery and Grayson) POV. It’s great to know what Grayson thinks about the whole situation especially those times that he is starting to see Avery not just an unofficial younger sister but a girl. And que horror! I can’t count how many times I gasp, I giggle and I caught my breath reading those sweet words coming from Grayson. OMG! My love for this hottie has reached the planet Pluto (is that planet still exists? Hehe). There’s actually nothing in this book that tarnished my love to this hottie. He’s drop dead gorgeous, hot, sweet, funny, playful (which I like the most, haha) and a lot more. So tell me, who wouldn’t fall for that? OMG! I’m sorry, I think I’m making this a love letter expressing my love for Grayson instead of a book review eh?

Oh well, you can’t really blame me. This book will easily catch your attention and will demand for it and you’ve got no choice but to give in. All the characters and scenes hold up. I don’t recall any scene from this book that I’ve read from other books before. I even had some speculated flow for this story but found out that it isn’t what the book will go through. In simpler words, this story is way too far from being cliché.

What can I say about its characters? I guess I already fed you up with my feelings about Grayson (which I think was too much, haha), so now I’m going to talk about what I feel about Avery. Uhm, I don’t think there’s something about her character that I hate. Her character is so easy to picture out with, and unlike other heroines that I’ve read, this Avery chick didn’t annoy me at all. I’m not even insecure, which I normally feel after reading romance book, haha. Her character is so natural and so true, so I would say that I like her. The anxiety attack suited too in this story. I guess I have to branch out with the guy who broke her heart eh? Aiden. Oh my Aiden. I could have love you because of your supahlicious name, but dang! I really really hate you just in its first chapter. I mean, he’s a jerk! Why can’t he contemplate of the outcome of his action first before executing them?! Grrr! (smoke coming out from my now reddish nose) haha.

Overall, I like all the characters of this story, especially Avery’s other bestfriend Libby. Oh my! I can’t count how many times I laugh my heart out because of her, and ofcourse, Owen. Haha, oh man! This Libby girl is so outspoken and will spill out what’s inside her pretty little head. Want to read one of the tons of scenes of her and Owen that I like? Here it goes:

*this was actually taken from Grayson’s point of view

“Definitely a cat in a past life,” Owen muttered next to me. “But, like, a big scary one that ate people.”

Libby eyed Owen critically for a moment with a raised eyebrow. “And I’m guessing you were probably Adonis…or a golden delicious apple because you are positively yummy.”

Owen’s jaw dropped to his lap while everyone else at the table fell apart from laughter.

I still can’t contain my laughter from that scene. I’ve heard an upcoming companion novel The Libby Garrett Intervention and just by the title itself, I think I already have an idea about it. And that makes me feel soooo excited.

The plot of this story is amazing. To tell you honestly, I am also not a fan of science, and reading it being incorporated in this story isn’t that bad at all. Well, actually it makes this story even greater. I love the outcome of the experiment and I think this story isn’t just a total product of fiction, all thanks to the seven stages of grief. I am bowing down to the author for this wonderfully written story. I can’t really wait to have my filthy hands on its upcoming companion novel.

Read it and be ready to get smitten. 😉

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Review – The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram | Blushing Geek

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