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Book Review – Sai Vijandre by Sonia Francesca

Series: Stallion Revisited, #9
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published: 2015 by Precious Hearts Romances
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“Her out-of-this-world weirdness had always been something beautiful in his eyes.”

Creepy. Iyon ang term para kay Mariz na enjoy sa kadiliman at laging naghahabol sa mga ligaw na kaluluwa sa kanang luma at aalog-alog na mansiyon.

Stock market. Iyon naman ang tanging kinikilala ng negosyanteng si Sai. Kung wala rin lang namang kinalaman sa paborito niyang topic, wala siyang pakialam. He was all business and…nothing more.

One day, God thought of pairing two people up. And he chose these two.

Anong klaseng love story ang mabubuo sa pagitan ng dalawang taong magkalayo ang personalidad? Who will fall and who will get scared in this thing called love? 


I was really excited for this story. I’ve been waiting for this since last year and was so glad that its finally here! To tell you honestly, I am really expecting a lot from this story. I’ve been waiting so long so you can’t really blame me 😛

Mariz is a very weird girl. She loves to wear black and she lives in a very creepy mansion. And then, one day, she met Sai who’s favorite topic is only about stock market. Who would have thought that these two opposite personalities would end up together eh?

Just as starting the story, I can’t really help but giggle. You know, it was sooooo sweet I almost wanna jump at Sai and kiss him, haha. Sonia Francesca never failed me in this story. All my expectations were met even greater than what I’ve expected. I just love the whole story. It made me laugh, and fall in love. My oh my! You’re one lucky witch doll Mariz.

The weird witch doll plus the business minded equals perfect love story. I also love it because its the guy who fell in love first. And as expected, the girl’s character is soooo funny. I really expected her to be creepy but she was so damn funny. Very rom-com indeed!

And my oh my! Trigger my labs is in this story. I miss those doppelganger so so much!

The plot and the idea of the story is a refreshment to me. All the scenes stick up together and it was really worth the wait. Now, I am looking forward for another story from this series. Two thumbs up for the author. 🙂

I guess, I don’t need to explain about the 5 star rating eh? For it’s already obvious haha. So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest bookstore and grab the book (be sure to pay it in the counter before putting it inside your bag eh? Haha)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Review – Sai Vijandre by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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