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Book Review – Jio Cantiller by Sonia Francesca

Series: Stallion Revisited, #8
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Pages: 128
Published: 2015 by Precious Hearts Romances
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“You can’t just stop loving a Stallion boy. You won’t ever get used to it.”


Laging kumukulo ang dugo ni Dianne tuwing maririnig ang pangalan ni Jio Cantiller. Lalo na kapag nakikita niya si Jio o kapag lumalapit ito para magpapirma ng kontratang magpapalaya sa konsiyensiya nito dahil sa mga naging atraso sa kanya noong unang panahon.
But Dianne had been too hurt, and too brokenhearted, that she just wouldn’t let Jio off the hook that easily. Kaya ginawa niya ang lahat para hindi lang siya ang ma-bad trip sa mundo tuwing nagkukrus ang mga landas nila.
Until one day, she learned the reason why Jio had been that cruel to her heart.
And how she wished she had never known about it… because it just crushed her heart even more.
Damn love. 


Oh my! I can’t believe I am able to read all the published books from this Stallion revisited series. Haha, as you could recall, I just read Sai Vijandre’s story which was actually the latest one from this series. It really took me this long to acquire the copy of this story, dang! Jio was using his cloaking spell for me not to track him, lol. (cloaking spell? Haha, this is what will happen if you watch The Originals and The Vampire Diaries at the same time, lol)

I know it’s quite weird for the last book of this month’s reading list would be the book from Mary Higgins Clark, but dang! I can’t wait for another week for me to read this story. And besides, I am so stress and this book is the only cure, haha lol.

Cut the nonsense  and I’ll tell you about the story for I know it’s what you’re very excited to hear 🙂 As expected, this story is as sweet like Sai’s story. Dang! The author never fails to amaze me with all her stories. This one started as a love and hate romance (oh my golygawgaw, haha, one of my favorite twist in every romance stories, aside ofcourse of the girl-boy bestfriend affair, haha). And those heart melting moments we’re sooooo great that I can’t help but reread each lines.

What I also love about Sonia Francesca’s books is that she doesn’t just add romance in it, but she also incorporates something that would make you laugh your hearts out. Dang those crazy lines and cheesy “papogi” points from Jio. And I think, he’s the most handsome “avatar” guy I’ve ever heard of, haha. (just read the book now and you’ll understand what I’m talking about, blee!)

And what added fun to this story was the company of the whole Stallion hotties, being led by none other than, the Samaniego twins. (haha, isn’t that fun?) And ofcourse, the king Reid was there. It’s not just Jio and the hottie Stallion guys who will make you laugh, but also the ever gorgeous stallion ladies, especially Dianne (female lead). Imagine her talking to a black lady? And for the record, she doesn’t even believe in such thing, haha. Well, see what love can do to a person eh?

If I love the story, then why only 4 stars eh? Well, it’s all because of the “reason” why Jio broke Dianne’s heart. Oh men! I think that’s the lamest idea ever. Quite a turn off on that part eh. But luckily, Miss Author was able to grab my attention again and made me enjoy this story.

Grab the book and ready to laugh your heart out and fall in love at the same time<3

P.S. I’ll be featuring my book review of MHC’s book (the last book in my reading list) I guess after my short vacation, 😉 that’ll be probably on the second week of May. (I hope my laziness would spare me on that day)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – Jio Cantiller by Sonia Francesca | Blushing Geek

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