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Book Review – The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

Series: Under Suspicion, #2
Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 320
First Published: November 1, 2014 by Simon & Schuster
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Television producer Laurie Moran is delighted when the pilot for her reality drama, Under Suspicion, is a success. Even more, the program – a cold case series that revisits unsolved crimes by recreating them with those affected – is off to a fantastic start when it helps solve an infamous murder in the very first episode.
Now Laurie has the ideal case to feature in the next episode of Under Suspicion: the Cinderella Murder. When Susan Dempsey, a beautiful and multi-talented UCLA student, was found dead, her murder raised numerous questions. Why was her car parked miles from her body? Had she ever shown up for the acting audition she was due to attend at the home of an up-and-coming director? Why does Susan’s boyfriend want to avoid questions about their relationship? Was her disappearance connected to a controversial church that was active on campus? Was she close to her computer science professor because of her technological brilliance, or something more? And why was Susan missing one of her shoes when her body was discovered?
With the help of lawyer and Under Suspicion host Alex Buckley, Laurie knows the case will attract great ratings, especially when the former suspects include Hollywood’s elite and tech billionaires. The suspense and drama are perfect for the silver screen – but is Cinderella’s murderer ready for a close-up?

Hey there! I’ve been two days behind for the review eh? Sorry, I was just so tied up with work and doing some errand, which would actually took more months or even a year to finish. But let’s forget about them for a while and let’s focus on the book which I’m very excited to talk about;)

As you can recall, I gave 5 star rating to Mary Higgins Clark’s book “Where are you now?” and I really really liked it. So I am really looking forward to read another of hers, and what’s really exciting is that this one is her latest book which was just published last year, which is poor me, I just acquired last month. Oh well, what’s important is I’ve got to read it right? *wink

Well, this book is a related story of the book I’ve Got You Under My Skin, which was also published last year. Which means, same main characters but different story. I think it’s redundant for me to give you the summary of the story for it’s been introduced in a very detailed manner in the summary above eh?

When I was starting with the book, I find it a bit dull. So even if I was busy with work or anything else, it would have been easy for me to finish this book if it was that catchy at first eh? But I should have known that fiction books don’t work that way. (haha) That’s also the main reason why it was hard to keep up with the story and why I ditched it for watching manga (and I apologize for that MHC)

But when I had the will power to pursue the book, I mentally kicked my butt for delaying it. Once all the stress were drained and I was able to think logically, all the book’s scenes we’re now starting to digest in my head. The suspense part made it so easy for me to finally finish the story.

As what you can read above, this book is written by Mary Higgins Clark which she collaborated with Alafair Burke, which honestly the first time I heard of her. The story was all written properly and those mind grinding twist just got heavier as ever. But luckily this time, I was able to name the culprit (yeahboi!), but it was already a few pages to its ending, haha. But atleast, I am improving right? (well, am I convincing you? Or myself? Hehe)

This book is actually just a short read. (sorry again for the delay). And as usual, the author used very easy to grasp words and all the lines and scenes all stick up together. There’s still a lot of characters involved, but I always love how the author connects different stories together in a single book.

And oh my! I almost forgot (how could I?!) I really love the ending. Oh my, Alex and Laurie’s love team sure is a winner. Now, I have enough reason to grab the copy of the Under Suspicion 2 which would be published this year. I can’t wait how Laurie and Alex’s love story would be in the second book. (I’m saying this with my eyes sparkling like crazy!)

For now, I am giving this book a 4 star rating and informing you in advance, I’m still having another MHC book in my next month reading list 😉

Have you read the book already? If so, then how did you like it? And if not, then, hurry and grab a copy of the book now and tell me how you find the story 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Review – The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke | Blushing Geek

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