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Wattpad Review – A Wife’s Cry by Barbs Galicia

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Everything has changed since THAT day. My husband despises me even more now that he did before. He hates me so much. He only wants my body..and wild, filthy sex. And that breaks my heart.


OMG! That summary is really heart breaking. I really hate stories wherein girls are always the ones who gets hurt or who would always chase for the guys. But I enjoy reading stories like this; wherein the guy/husband would take you for granted or hurt you at first but in the end would kneel in front of you for your love. Haha, this story is just like that. Sorry for the bummer guys, but I think I need to warn you for maybe I could kill the suspense in this review. 😉

I read this story a two or three months ago? Oh well, I can’t really remember. But the scenes and thrill in the story is still visible in my head. I must say that stories like this are really hard to forget. It made me cuss and really hate both the characters, but much hatred towards Allen (male main character). And what’s also most unforgettable in this story is that the main female character’s name was Vanessa. Hahaha, of all names, why mine? So I was really IN to it. Everytime the lines were said to Vanessa, I can’t help but think that it is me they were referring to lol.

The story’s plot is about these two people who we’re forced to marry each other. The girl, Vanessa, was the one who fell in love first, so marrying Allen is really a dream come true for her. But one day, Vanessa got tired of always waiting for her husband to love her back, and because of that she did something that made their relationship a lot worst. You might be wondering what that something eh? Well, she slept with someone, and worst, it’s with his husband’s friend. They was caught on the act, and Allen, being a jealous monster, punished Vanessa by always hurting not just her feelings but also physically. Oops, don’t come to a conclusion that she’s a battered wife huh. Hehehe. Well, she was hurt physically but only through pushing or slapping. Still that intense? Well, read and discover how Allen hurts her emotionally. ^_^

I know it was really Vanessa’s fault, but come on, if your love isn’t returned to you, for sure you would also find someone who will do it for you! But what’s super “gaga” is that she slept with someone else without divorcing her husband first. And not to mention, it’s with his husband’s friend! OMG! Very wrong move and probably hard to forget and forgive. But what’s really frustrating and maddening is the way Allen is treating her. If he’s angry, then why can’t he just divorce her? I really can’t digest how he tortured Vanessa emotionally. It’s very degrading in my part not because we have the same name but because we’re both a woman.

I know it’s already a super long bummer, so I think I’ll try to lie low to the story and just comment on the author eh? It’s actually my very first story from the author, so I can’t really compare. But I really salute the author for the brilliant plot and her writing skills. If it isn’t because of her writing, I wouldn’t be able to finish the story for sure. The lines, the characters and everything are really perfect for me. I can’t say any negative comments on the way the story is written but only to its characters, hahaha.

This story is really engrossing. It will make you feel hatred with the characters and would feel pity towards the end. Giving a person a second chance is really never easy, how much more for a third or fourth chances, aight? Well, this story would tell you that everything could really happen because of love. Bull**** love eh?

You can read the story on wattpad at the links provided. Enjoy!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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