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Wattpad Review – Why Do You Hate Me? by Jonaxx

Series: Art of Seduction, #2
Genre: Tagalog Romance
Published: by Wattpad
Language: Filipino, Pilipino
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If you hate something, would you change it? And if you change it, will you like it? Hindi alam ni Charity kung bakit ayaw na ayaw sa kanya ni Jayden Corpuz. Hindi pa kailanman ito nangyari sa buhay niya. Simula pagkabata, mahal na siya ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Ni isa, mapa babae o lalaki, wala siyang naging hater. At ngayong 21 years old na siya, saka pa siya magkakaroon ng hater? At sa katauhan pa ng lalaking gusto niya? How did that happen? Lahat ng gusto niya ay nakukuha niya, pero bakit ang isang ito, naiirita sa kahit simpleng paghawi niya ng buhok?


I was just browsing for some most read stories in Wattpad when I stumbled to this story. The book summary was very catchy. Why catchy? It’s because this is about the story between two people who started as enemies. Well, sort of? Hehehe. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I won’t tell anything to you. 😛 If you’re that curious, then give this story a shot.

Just like its predecessor, “Training to Love”, this book is undeniably another hit from the author. I like how words were used and scenes we’re created. If someone would say that it’s a very cliché story, then I’m gonna bitch at you. Why?, because this book is way too good to be called cliché. I know I said earlier that it’s somewhat a love-hate relationship, but this one’s different. The guy hates the girl for some unknown reason, that’s certainly the first time I encountered such plot.

No dull or corny and too cheesy moments. I really really like the story. For a known dialogue reader like me, surprisingly, I read this story line by line. (ohaa!) I was even able to finish this in just one sitting. That engrossing story eh? Very!

This is another masterpiece from Jonaxx. Read this book and be ready to fall in love.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Wattpad Review – Why Do You Hate Me? by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

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